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Guardians of the Galaxy, the game, is filling that Tales from the Borderlands shaped hole in my heart. It is funny, and it also invokes a bit of BioWare RPG-ish in its level design, hubs, and interaction with characters. Really loving it <3


So DC Douglas has leaked the concept art for Wesker in RE4 Remake thereby also leaking the existence of said remake. (Breaking NDA) On top of being outed as a predator, talk about a set of dominoes collapsing on one another. Art is in the comments.


Kid Amnesia Exhibition is underrated gem of the year. Stanley Donwood’s art is evocative and creepy in all the right ways and somewhat lonely and anxious tunes of the Kid A and Amnesiac albums really help sell it, especially with the interactivity.


I am pretty stoked for this one, I need more martial art based action games.


The Hollywood Reporter had landed an interview with the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, in search of hints on when his next film be out. As a closer the reporter asked for his take on superhero movies “I don’t think much of them. I’m dead”.


Bobby Kotick is the final boss of every Persona game, the embodiment of mankind/game industry’s collective *insert repressed dark thoughts here* whom you never got around to beating, because you were distracted by all the shiny social links/games


Someone should hire the studio that did the animation for the League of Legends show on Netflix, and make a show based on the Discworld novels.


The Hudson River, 20 years ago…. We had classified intelligence that a new type of Metal Gear was scheduled for transport. The whole thing stank but our noses had been out in the cold too long. Happy 20 Years to the best Metal Gear!


Finished watching Bebop again after a long time. The show is still as excellent as ever, in spite of some of its problematic outdated content, when it’s moody it is at its best. Faye’s past getting revealed is still as emotional as ever, and then this


Happy 50 year old Birthday to Led Zeppelin IV and Happy Birthday to Chris Moyse, DeScruff, Deadmoon, Flanx, Cloudman Sam and anyone else I might have forgotten! Y’all have birthdays too close to each other, stop it! But hope you’ve all had a great day


Dishonored 2 finished. Absolutely excellent game, it’s officially on the GOAT list now. Stilton’s house was such a great frickin level I’d say it contests with the Clockwork Mansion. And Emily was a good protagonist. Good game!


Chris Pratt has been cast to voice Troy Baker in the Last of Us Part 3.


Why is it called The Book of Boba Fett? Is the show about him writing his memoirs?


Dishonored 2 has already become one of my favorite vidya gaimes, and the Clockwork Mansion was fun to master. Also it has a custom difficulty, which is something that every game should have.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon 2 will have a sub story where the inventor of NFTs will scam Ichiban into buying a jpeg file of a Yakuza oyabun smoking a vape pen, whereupon Ichiban will then ram his can-collecting bicycle into said dude’s knees.


HP Lovecraft announces rebranding of the Necronomicon into “Facebook”


While being sick in bed I’ve found myself thoroughly entertained, and even educated listening to Tim Rogers trying to decipher what makes something “Cyberpunk” which turns into a critique on gaming merch with Mario 64 sound effects, Jerry.


Seems like FF Tactics and Tactics Ogre remasters are indeed a thing. Here’s hoping they are actually good too as Square is Missing more than hitting with its remasters.


The Dishonored DLC was actually quite excellent, good length, good level design, interesting story and lore. Also your progress carry over from one to the other. And you play as Daud. Loved it.


So I finished Dishonored, and I think I might be an Arkane fan now cause that game is great, the level design is impeccable, and the experimentation with your powers and abilities makes for a lot of fun replay value. Morality system sucks though.


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