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Even in the parody this scene is still pretty good.


You can talk to animals too via a special perk, opening up new potential quests and secrets to help with other quests. This might be the best western RPG I’ve played since KOTOR2.


The Undead Origin in Divinity 2 is just great. You can use your Body fingers as lockpicks and poison heals you as opposed to hurting you. The downside is that you have to bide your appearance or everyone will try to kill you and heal you to death.


The Rise of the Tomb Raider Skywalker Machines Apes.


A lot of Paradox’s prominent strategy titles feel like bonifide RPGs so that gives me hope for this game, and I hope that’s the kind of game it aims to be and not a cinematic action game.


Watching the Giantbomb Videos on horror games has made me want to replay Bloodlines even more because of the Ocean Hotel level.


“Ironically I was watching most of that stream on mute” ~ Matt Rorie


If you gotta have an origin story, you’re better off making it multiple choice.


Maybe the AI isn’t so dumb in this game after all, Lol.


Artist working for Obsidian remade a few levels from Star Wars Dark Forces in the Unreal 4 Engine. What he's done is make something that beats the products EA's been dishing out for the last couple of years.


27 years of age today, got some money and Bebop. Yay!


Even the indieshowcase for the Switch was more exciting than this.


Anyone up for some Jackbox later today? Last session didn't go so well, so I want people to join for some voice chat if possible, announce who they are, to make sure only Dtoiders play. I'm thinking 3:00 PM PDT. Bump: Anyone else wanna join?


Please let this be fem protag,Please let this be fem protag,Please let this be fem protag,Please let this be fem protag,Please let this be fem protag,Please let this be fem protag,Please let this be fem protag.. EDIT: Oh, it's not.


Beaten Oxenfree, pretty damn good indie title, the fact that it was written by the Tales from the Borderlands lead writer only made me wanna play it more. Also, Alex has become one of my new favorite leads in a game.


(Spoilers) Alright, so first of all. Don’t watch my video if you haven’t finished the game yet. I wanted to share this becaus I was pretty proud of this fight, and love Royalguard, hah.


I like that you can attack off walls, and this boss theme is great but the overall controls are still clunky as heck. Really hope it gets better in the next title they do. Other than that it is improving.


Royalguard and Balrog are the weapons to surpass Metal Gear.


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