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Weekends coming up so here is some chill tunes by Air to get you all cozy and settled for it.


Here’s some funky Stevie Wonder grooves to get you into a good mood today, with some good topical lyrics <3


Last of Us Part 2 has some genuinely brilliant combat.


Finished watching Knives Out, a brilliant Agatha Christie based flick by Ryan Johnson. Whatever your think on his take on Star Wars, he is still a great director.


There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real Patrick, only an entity, something illusory, he is simply not there. It is his birthday though so happy birthday!


Yamaoka’s Silent Hill soundtrack is on Spotify lads https://open.spotify.com/artist/6f7UIM59MQy6y0bJmQcRNe?si=IEF8l0kDTXmFTDA-%20


The adventures of Charlie Tunoku is beginning again on PC, remember to not cast bufu on things you shouldn’t


I’m ready to watch some Lynch this weekend, geared up for Deadly Premonition 2.


Looks like P4 Golden is headed to zie PC. Would be cool if they added it and Persona 3 Portable to the other consoles too including PS4.


We live in the Super Mario Bros. Special developed by Hudson World right now.. man that game sucks.


New haul includes lots of Japanese cinema, really looking forward to finally getting to watch Kitano’s Hana-bi.


Ben Affleck tearing apart Armageddon on the DVD commentary is truly something special.


Adaaaaaachi. Did. Everything. Wrong. Happy Birthday Torchman!


Persona Battle music is quite effective for a workout, but I also really enjoyed this remix for today’s run.


Another recommendation to RiffRaff, some Trentemøller to relax with and get settled into the weekend.


Contest is over, congrats to absolutfreak for his stroke of luck of guessing the answer on his first try, lol. Enjoy some Wonderful 101!


Akira Yamaoka doing a remix of the Chocobo Theme


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