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My PS4 is toast which has upset me as that means all the save data is gone too. So I felt like doing one of these AMA’s for once like everyone else. Feel free to ask away!


Fuck whoever made this map. Oh wait, I did. Well, fuck me then.


They really out did themselves with the design here... That is definitely a horse!


Paul McCartney: Well, in the future everybody's got a baby telly in their pocket with a cam'ra on it John Lennon: What'd ya mean Paul?


Pretty proud of that Top 8 ranking, even though it has most likely since be beaten by many. But yeah, I liked the new map a lot even if it was a bit easy.


Made a short video showing how to unlock Tiger Drop for those playing Judgment/Judge Eyes.


On the subject of Evangelion coming to Netflix, time to rewatch this.


Spoilers: Bloodstained ends with Miriam pulling her face off revealing her to be Dracula all along.


Apropos voice actors, here’s the latest episode of two prolific voice actors playing through the series they’ve both starred in. Some interesting facts about Nolan’s work too, and it’s fun to watch him play.


One thing that annoys me. The video footage showing the actors voicing the Avengers and the comments are like “who cares about the actors” and Steve Burton getting replaced as Cloud. Why does this industry treat actors like this? Continued in comments


“We were the inventors of the first person shooter” Okay, Bethesda, calm down we all know you bought the studio behind the genre.


Opening theme for George Martin and From Soft game leaked.


Alright, I have Rainbow Six now. So for those who are playing it on PS4, I'm ready for whenever to be shown the ropes. And take solace in the fact, that it wasn't Soulbow who seduced me to try this game. It was Rooster Teeth :P Update: Ready to play toda


My favorite part of the Stadia presentation was when the video had to take a second or two to buffer.


Done voting for election night in DK today, here’s hoping for a good result. I also got vacation leave now so time to chill for realsies.


The Rooster Teeth guys’ playthrough of this makes me want to try this game now, Lol.


Once upon a time at the foot of a great mountain. There was a town where the people known as happy folk lived. Their very existence a mystery to the rest of the world. Obscured, as it was, by great clouds


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