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We really should get Lost Odyssey for PC at some point.


Meguro clearly been hanging out with Masafumi Takada, very Danganronpa esque track. Love it <3


If any uncles that work at Nintendo sees this, please note I’ll settle for Super Paper Mario port for Switch as long as Switch gets a good Paper Mario game. Thanks for your time <3


David Simon’s (The Wire showrunner) Plot Against America on HBO is terrific and ofc scary because of how it reflects current America. Watch it!


Hey everyone! Gonna stream some Resident Evil Remake, stop by if you can! :) https://www.twitch.tv/fakeplastictree03


Hey guys! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, they genuinely make me happy in a time where we are forced to be separate from each other. All the same my day has been cozy and nice so I can’t complain too much. Thank you so much <3


Turned 28 today, another step closer to 30! Not the most fun to have a birthday in quarantine but it was still pleasant!


NIN just released a New Ghost album for free on their site.


Watching this video is like a timecapsule to me, back when BioWare's Social Network still existed and all we did were CSI memes. Good times.


Voice actor Matt Mercer's got probably the best Sephiroth cosplay I've seen, damn.


Got enough stuff to keep me busy during quarantine now.


Well shit. Border is closing tomorrow and I work across it, which isn’t too bad as apparently people who work can cross it just not normal people so no customers. Ain’t that a kick in the head! I hope everyone has their finances secure and stayf safe!


Oooooh, so that’s why they call it “Phoenix Down”.


Watching local X-Factor without a single audience member in attendence due to the virus, replaced by canned laughter and applause is a whole another level of entertainment.


People who have gotten into the Yakuza series might wanna consider checking out the Yakuza crime drama Giri/Haji on Netflix with Kelly MacDonald. It’s pretty damn excellent I’d say.


Finished watching Joker 2019, Joanquin Phoenix was certainly the highlight, there is a raw, real intensity to his acting, same as in You Were Never Really Here and The Master. The absence of Batman made it hard to watch on quite a few ends.


Once Baldur’s Gate 3 gets out of Early Access with a Definitive Edition ala Original Sin 2 I shall have it, Original Sin 2 and Disco Elysium fight a gladiator battle to the death to determine which is the most excellent RPG. I’m excited for Baldur’s


Speaking of Castlevanina, 3rd season of Netflix’ Castlevania is out. Another PSA for ya there. EDIT: Looks like my phone lied, I presume a glitch in the algorithm. It's not out until next week. But anyway, that's soon too so you're all informed!


PSA, second episode of Better Call Saul is already out, getting two in the row from the get go.


I want a Sonic game starring this version of Sonic.


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