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“Death Stranding is hiking for accountants”. My favorite thing about Death Stranding is the Tim Rogers review.


Taking a break from my Extra Life stream, might continue again tomorrow. Catherine has me beat for now, gonna donate a bit as compensation. Thanks a lot for those who joined!


3 AM PDT which would be in a few minutes I’ll be starting my Extra Life Stream. I’m going through Catherine Full Body on Normal with the hope of getting all the Gold Trophies. Come join, donate if you can! :-) www.twitch.tv/citizenerased2703


Just remembered how excellent the soundtrack in the first 3 Ratchet games were.


The selfiiiiah deeeeeed is not fweeeeedom. Game is out on PS4 now. Looking forward to replaying it then dearly miss the original Tanimura :(


Clearly Night School Studios have some Bayonetta fans on staff since they decided to cast Dave Fennoy as Satan in Afterparty. Excellent!


Been sick today so I decided to stream a bit of Jedi Outcast, come join if you like! https://www.twitch.tv/citizenerased2703/


Could not find this delightful track anywhere on Youtube so just decided to upload it myself cause it's so goooood.


The prospect of an Arkham game involving the Court of Owls had me so excited I bought the whole saga, and some more books I wanted to read.


Happy Birthday to Ravenclaw! You've made some wonderful art comissions for me, including this avatar! Have a great day my man, and hope work doesn't stress you out!


Hey gang! I’m planning on doing a fun little Jackbox Playdate later today, if anyone’s game let me know. Just looking for at least 3 more people to join. The planens time is 5 PM EST. Hope, you’ll join, it’ll be fun!


Alright, Nintendo, if you are listening. I want a story DLC, that borrows gameplay from NBA, but it's all 3 houses characters. And Seteth will be the enthusiastic announcer ala the mouse from the Space Jam movie introducing the players. Let's do this!


Every Japanese game is getting a darts minigame now.


Finally conquered Altar in Catherine, yus!


David Fincher’s Mindhunter is pretty excellent, it feels and plays like his most classic thrillers Se7en, Zodiac, the stuff he’s always excelled at like centering the focus on the characters, the way it is shot, and the science behind it. Def recommen


We are doing some Jackboxing, feel free to watch the chaos, maybe join the audience. https://www.twitch.tv/citizenerased2703


Oh god no. Looks like Yakuza 7 really is a turn based JRPG. I have not been so dissappointed in an announcement of a game as this.


Really looking forward to when more people get to finally meet best character proper with Yakuza 4 Remaster in October.


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