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Well, that was Mute. A beautiful looking movie with a gorgeous soundtrack Sadly doesn’t measure up in character department, and the plot wobbles around a bit much with an inconsistent tone. It lacks the imagination of Moon and even Source Code.


Home and ready to watch Duncan Jones’ Mute, some Bowie music for good measure. Good weekend!


I hear Donald Trump's solution to hypothetical rat problem in his house is to arm his cats with AR-15s #Satire


Only 1 day left, gonna have to watch it after work!


I take it back when I said Marluxia is the worst boss, fighting Ansem, while you are forced to float and having to dodge his dumbass charge attacks is annoying in DDD. Abd then of course he comes back for round two, just die already. Jeez


Oh, I see, they decided to bring Xigbar, the guy with the wacky Californian accent, back instead of best man Luxord? The only Organization member who doesn’t sport ridiculous hair, and when you fight him he is like “Let’s just fight”. He had class


I have now gotten to the part of Dream Drop Distance, where even if I try my best to make sense of the plot and all the absurd revelations it just doesn’t add up. “Oh, but that guy in a brown cloak was actually just a time travelling Ansem, bla bla..


That musical karaoke nonesense in the Fantasia world in DDD has effectively ruined the world for me, as I like the soundtrack for it. But this musical karaoke mini-game nonesense is just terrible.


While it is fun to play as Riku for once in Dream Drop Distance, I’m not digging the combat as much as Birth By Sleep. I hate that I can’t shuffle through the command menu with the shoulder buttons and have to use the directional buttons.


This intentionally bad off-key cover version of Tomorrow Never Dies from in-game in Blood Money is still great <3


IO mistakenly uploaded the 8th Elusive Target in Hitman weeks before time, skipping 7. I went and silent assassinated that bloke quickly before he was taken down <3


Couldn't get the first game to work on this PC, but for those that care about the franchise. The second game is out on Gog and Steam now.


Duncan Jones is making a spiritual sequel to Moon, one of my favorite movies of all time, and it’s cyberpunk based in a futuristic Berlin. Sign me up! Can’t wait!


I finally managed to edit in the original battle theme from the Japanese version. Spoiler alert for those who haven’t finished this game yet, naturally.


Will the Empire disrupt the Olympics this time too?


A Yakuza game I will never be able to play, so Yen doing a walkthrough is nice!


My final fight with Majima couldn’t have gone better


Just a reminder on why this game deserves a second release.


Gorgeous piano track they forgot to include on the soundtrack


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