DeS: The worst losing streak in esports this year: 0-40
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Shout-out to Chio's School Road for being the first anime to accurately depict interactions with other people in online multiplayer games.


There's something relaxing about driving across the weird deformed US in The Crew 2 while listening to Queen Of Hearts.


Fun Fact: it's been 950 days since Ace Combat 7 was announced and it still doesn't have a solid release date. Why must Bamco torment me so?


I finally saw The Last Jedi and honestly I don't see what people are so butthurt about. Other than it being a bit bloated I thought it was fine.


I actually LIKED the DFM in Ace Combat Assault Horizon. Don't @ me.


I'm jonesing hard for some Ace Combat news. C'mon, Bamco, just give us a release date already!


Okay, so, about that empty Supreme Court seat. Now hear me out...


MFW I fuck up on 3 holes and only score -18 in the International Tournament in Everybody's Golf...


They should really rename the International Tournaments in Everybody's Golf to OH GOD DONT FUCK UP Tournaments


Good ol' XCOM 2... At least it isn't as unfair as the old games where a single chryssalid could kill 4-5 units in a single turn and enemies could mind control without line of sight.


My only complaint about XCOM 2 on console besides the glaring lack of Neps is the inability to have a blank first name for soldiers. Oh, and I can't seem to figure out how to switch between soldiers during without using their turn.


Oh god there's a segment on my local news about pairing wines with BBQ.


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