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The Shattered Podcast, Ep. 4: Neo-Nude Detroit

It's that time again, boys and grills. Time for some Summer lovin'. Make it sweet like honey. And don't forget, "GIVE ME MONEY." On the podcast today are: Ben, Everett, Elliot, Kelso, Pedro, and Jay. Intro music is: You Think I Ain...


The Shattered Podcast, Ep. 3: Little Brazilian Boy

Love your body. Love yourself. Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken. I love your American love. On the podcast today are: Ben, Everett, Elliot, Kelso, and Pedro. Intro music is: You...


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 22: Young Justice

That sweet smell.  The sticky air.  Yes, it's us again.  No, go away.  With us today are: John, Jonathan, Robin, Everett, and Colton.  Music is Monolith by T. Rex.  SUBSCRIBE HERE:


The Shattered Podcast, Ep. 2: Sammy Barbeque

We're back everybody.  Awaken the elder gods and sit down with Cthulhu.  Tonight's the night, and there are plentiful souls available.  On the podcast today are: Ben, Everett, Elliot, Kelso, Pedro, and Jay.  Intro music is: You Think ...


The Shattered Podcast, Ep. 1: The Hotdog Cenobite

Here it is, the first episode! This is the beginning of the end. The apocalypse is now. We are the Shattered, we are the world. Listen Here: Subscribe on iTunes:


The Art Gallery 5/1/13

YES, YES CHILDREN. WE ARE BACK AGAIN! BACK IN, THE ART GALLERY The Sexy Criminal: Swishiee is Dumb: Swishiee is Dumb 2.0: Josh is Dumb: Colton is Dumb: Shit Jesus: Bakugan Fucker: Sexy Troops: Jesus Died for Your...


Taco Tuesdays Extrasode #4: An Interview with Johnson



Taco Tuesdays: Let's Play or Something

Hey everyone, there's no episode this week. So instead, Colton and Everett decided to do a few Let's Plays. SUBSCRIBE HERE: AND HERE: http://childwrangler....


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 18: The Nacho Man

The cheese. The cheese just rises to the top. With us today are: Robin, Jonathan, Chad, Swishiee, Everett, and the Nacho Man. Music is Love for Sale by the Talking Heads. SUBSCRIBE HERE:


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 17: Hold the DaPhone

This is it guys. This is the one you've all been waiting for. Get ready for the darkest recording yet. Also, Jim Sterling, please don't sue us. With us today are: Jonathan. John, Robin, Everett, and Swishiee. I don't know what t...


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 14: Community Fistacular

HAVE YOU SEEN MY PENIS? THIS IS MOST AMAZING EPISODE. LIKE IT YOU FUCKERS. WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME???????? With us today are: Jonathan, John, Chad, Colton, Everett, and special community guest: Jeff (Beartato,) Josh (Brassman,) Mark...


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 12: Have You Been to BowieWorld?

David Bowie is coming out with a new album soon. With us today are Johnathan, Chad, Colton, Robin, and Everett. Music is Heroes by David Bowie. SUBSCRIBE HERE:


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 11: Fuck It, I Love Bill Murray

Shiny kittens must define us. Welcome to infinity, my lovelies. It is a new year. A year for rejoice. A Year for Juice. With us today are: Robin, Chad, Colton, and Everett. Music is White Waking by Les Rallizes Dénudés. SUBS...


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 10: The Green Ranger Is a Mary Sue

HAPPY TIME OF THE YEAR. IT IS THAT TIME. THE TIME OF FAMILY. THE TIME OF CHRIST RISING FROM THE ASHES LIKE A MAJESTIC PHOENIX. With us today are: Everett, Colton, Jonathan, Robin, Marcus "Puzzle Body," and a special festive guest Mus...


Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 9: The Best Episode Yet

ARE YOU READY FOR ACTION? ARE YOU READY FOR SUSPENSE. DON'T VOMIT DUE TO ANTICIPATION, WE'RE HERE TO GIVE YOU JUST WHAT YOU NEED. With us today are: Colton, John, Jonathan, and Everett. Music is Nippon no Gamu by Everett and Col...


Taco Tuesdays Extrasode #2: Grandfather

Everett has an intimate discussion with his grandfather. SUBSCRIBE HERE: AND HERE:


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