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I have stats too! Look at my values! Am I not defined?!


Happy 10 year anniversary to the Squidbear game! That concert was kinda lovable. Hope your days were swell and your adventures fulfilling. Just remember the main quest is fine but side stuff is what makes the experience “yours”. True for life and Skyr


That squid bear game is having a live streamed concert at 11am (I think?) PST from the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Just in case someone wanted to know that.


It still is in America at least.


Saw this, and my biggest takeaway was that I would rock some Spike Face merch. Absolutely my favorite character in the movie.


I suspect Halsey may not be in your wheelhouse. The thing is though, NIN sorta dropped an album a week ago. Halsey sings and they produced it. It’s kind of marvelous. I highly recommend checking out Halsey’s new album. That is all.


#covertoid Well, I liked it. Its got a Nightcore-ish sound with lots of (un)pleasantly muffed up distortion. How does it please the court?




Halo looks like Halo again, Red Fall has promise, Atomic Heart stole my own, friggin Pirates of the Goshdern Caribbean plus a bunch more stoof! Good times. Goooood times.


Occams anthem from Bo’s Inside was formally uploaded yesterday. I know I know. Elden Ring. I forgive you all. Enjoy!


I'm going to become president of the world out of spite, and my first order of business will be to abolish trademarks and copyright laws and shit.


Hello all! I’ve been drinking pre-canned cocktails and alcoholic kambucha, playing A Way Out with one of my very best friends. And I just want to say if your not as happy as I am right now, as far as I can tell, every. Single. One of you. Deserves to be


I think I'm downloading The Matrix Online launcher? Fun might be had? I dunno. Happy Friday to those who have traditional work weeks!


Guess the Dice awards are dumb too. I’m not going to lie, I held them in higher esteem than I apparently should have. Ah well. Congrats to those MKT devs anyway!


Are we sharing device screens? I don’t see a “blank”-toid so I’m a little lost but, okay! Let’s do it!


Thanks Occams!


Here’s to the lesser of two weevils.


I don’t think it will change anyone’s opinion of the MCU (it’s been a decade) but for those that are into it, it cannot be overstated that Ep 4 of Falcon and Wnt. Sold is some of the best work the MCU has ever put on a screen.


Hey fam. Umm. No pretense. We love y’all. This is Etositak’s and I second annual get frakkin wasted and watch the Descendants Day. So just.. hi? Much love. Be well! Happy non denominational zombie holiday/easter to you!


Just gonna amplify this masterpiece since people keep asking about it.


Super late #mashuptoid from one of the Atomic Blonde trailers. Personal Jesus x Black Skinhead. Tis’ fun!


I just described Occams to my wife as “human hair, teeth, and spiritual human positivity. She hates hair and spiders but had mad respect for the notion of such a person. Anyways... I love you dtoid. Hope y’all havin an acceptable rest of your weekend!


After that Tekken reveal I read this as a patch having to do with Poland and thought “cool, what does it do?” Then I came to my senses and now I’m a little disappointed. Ah well.


Umm hi. Blizzard it’s me. Heh no, no we haven’t met. I was just wondering umm... WoW on consoles, when?


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