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Don't you hate when you're sleepy and have to double check what you're reading?


Look what I found! This was the wallpaper I did when Enthusiast Gaming adquired Destructoid (which has stayed as my header image since then). I thought why not share it (talking about re-posts, an updated Niero meme in the comments)


Finally found the reason I wasn't able to do the Disqus thing. Had to change the website to English, weird. Here we go!


For some weird reason, my main Disqus account and my Destructoid's Disqus account are sharing the same email, but I can only recover the password for the main one. I guess I'm having an exclusive QTOID account lol


I still have three of these from last year. One is not in good shape but I still love it. I was considering giving all of them a name, would you help me with that?


Yesterday I had a weird dream: Nintendo was releasing a remastered version of the Mother series, but only for the two first titles. Mother 3 was a Japan-exclusive DLC for some reason.


So... Final Fantasy is becoming Devil May Cry huh


Sonic X theme - Mike Sounders ft Dennis Carden Laugh


Just in case, CDKeys has 1 year of PS Plus for $32. I just got 2 codes, since a year is $60 lol


The only thing I like from 2020 so far is that YouTube poops and other 2010's jokes came back (even if only for short bursts)


I don't post a lot here (lurker mostly), but I'll be honest: you brought me so many smiles when looking stuff, and I'm grateful for it. BTW Seymour, I recently saw your Fall Guys video, and I want your Dry Bones plushie. Also: #weslikesbunnygirlswednesday


I bet you know Torch's streaming tomorrow on DestructoidTV! But did you know Dennis (nekro) and I took over the channel yesterday? While my laugh can't be heard properly (Streamlabs hates RTX Voice when not speaking), I wanted to share this clip with you.


I wonder how many games I would have if I had ever used regional pricing for gaming. Despite being on Argentina, I usually play on consoles, so that is full price. Mostly since I have to use US account to buy them.


Since we are getting the Maniax Chronicle version of Nocturne, I hope both Raidou Kuzunoha will be remastered too.


Now I'm hoping for more Shin Megami Tensei ports for the Switch. PLEASE BRING THE ENGLISH VERSION OF SMT1 ATLUS, THAT IS STILL FUCKING IOS EXCLUSIVE


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