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What’s one thing you’re excited to do when this quarantine is over? I want to get some friends over and play Smash Bros or such :D


Man, new game releases, new console announcements, probably new movies. What are you guys excited about for this year in releases? I’m kinda excited for Borderlands 2 to come to the switch... gonna have to replay that again for the billionth time Lol


Well... my gradebook for school is going to be posted back up for school, damn. Hopefully everyone is having a great time in this quarantine around the world. What are you doing to keep sane at home? I’m mainly playing games a talking to friends lately


What story, fictional or Non-Fiction has made the biggest impact on you?


Before we all go on endless loops of April Fools Jokes on media sites, I want to all tell you guys today isn’t April 1st


What is one game you would recommend to someone that would keep them occupied for a longtime... cough cough keep them occupied being indoors during the lockdown.


What makes a story engaging to you? Video game wise, book wise, and/or movie wise? Im asking because I have an idea for a game idea but it’s mainly story based and I’m trying to see what engages people in stories.


What has everybody been playing during this Quarantine? I’ve been home playing Wilmot’s Warehouse, Animal Crossing New Horizons and Lethal League Blaze a lot lately!


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