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Just read that the sun is in a “lockdown” in this point in time. 2020 is basically just a bunch of bad stuff all combined in one. I wonder if next year will get any better :P


Well... for some reason I tried convincing myself to get digital Borderlands Legendary Edition but now I’m thinking about getting the physical so I can save some space on my SD card :P


What do you think about $15-$30 games that get you 5-10 hours of gameplay? I thought it sounded pleh until I thought about speed runners, replayability, and the small amounts of time to play games sometimes from being busy or such.


Has anybody heard of the game KUNAI? Rediscovered it. One of the smoothest games ever with its sweet sweet gameplay :D


Anybody have DuckGame, Risk of Rain 1 or 2, Terraria or Lethal League Blaze on the Switch? I would be up for playing sometime.


Today is Friday. I know, this quarantine has some hurdles, BUT, we are all still alive which is a good thing. Enjoy your day, game out the weekend, and start out next week with a lot of energy hopefully


Did anybody pick up any games today of March 7th? Many games came out, I ended up picking up Slayin 2 because I played the first one on my phone and truly enjoyed it so I just needed to see what the sequel was like


My monthly Switch report came today. Who else has an embarrassing amount of hours on their switch?


I made a drawing. I call it “Dead Inside”. It doesn’t mean the art is dead inside, that was just what came up when I showed this to someone else Lol


Got 2064: ROM on the switch because it was on sale. I got it on PS Plus for PS Vita but never really played it, is it a good game?


Free Game Alert: I just checked the eshop and Hitcents games are 100% off. I’m assuming you can only get that deal if you own one of their games. But go check it out.


Top video game music soundtracks? I would probably go with Ape Escape 3, Fez, A Hat In Time and Kuso/LOVE


Who’s played A Hat In Time? I’m 82% through the game on the switch. I just need to get 10 time pieces in the cat metro and I’m done :O


Do you like rogue like games? Why or why not? I’m a big Rogue Like guy. Probably because I put tons of hours into the game and feel satisfied for how many hours I put into it. Dead Cells, Has Been Heroes, Risk of Rain 1+2 and etc


Ok, I got Blasphemous and Ministry of Broadcast. Oh my gosh. Great games... Blasphemous kinda reminds me of Dead Cells for some reason and the mentor/guide in Ministry of Broadcast is a crow Lol. The crow makes fun of you if you die, scary hehe


Nostalgic game time. I remember playing De Blob 1 & 2 on the Wii, Ape Escape 3 on the PS2, Rhythm Heaven and Kirby Super Star Ultra on the DS and Borderlands 2 and Castle Crashers on the PS3 :D


Ok folks. I know you guys have been listening to them good music. Listening to any good songs or albums lately? I’ve been listening to “Love Really Hurts Without You” and “Feel My Love” lately which has been pretty chill stuff.


If you could make an NPC for a game, what would they do? Do they have a backstory? Do they help or betray the player? Anything else?


What has been your most played game lately? I have been pretty busy so when I get the chance, I just end up playing Arcade mode in Lethal League Blaze to grind for all of the outfits Lol


Borderlands Legendary Collection is coming out on Switch next month. Yes it’ll be like 42GB and $50 but for some reason Borderlands 2 is nostalgic to me playing it on the PS3 so why not get it again for a portable device right?


Got into A Hat In Time as well recently. Who has played A Hat In Time? I’m kinda thinking about 100%ing it but I feel like that would take wayyyy too much time honestly :P


Lethal League Blaze gamers rise up. But really though, great fighting game that’s worth checking out if you haven’t played it. If anybody does own it Switch or Steam wise, would any of y’all want to fight me?


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