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Oh my gosh. I haven’t been on here since like December or something. How’s everyone doing? Anybody excited for any games coming out soon?


Well, it’s almost the end of 2020 luckily. What has been your top games of this year and/or GOTY for 2020?


I haven’t talked on here that much lately. How’s everybody doing on this very fine summer? Been playing anything fun lately? I’ve been playing quite a bit of Pinball FX3 tables and Cuphead on the Switch :)


Where my pinball players at? Just got into Pinball FX3 on the Switch a couple weeks ago and man! I’ve been very much enjoying it lately :D


What’s everybody been playing lately? Yeah I haven’t been on here in a while... sorry about that. I don’t know, I’ve been continuing my journey still playing Borderlands 2 on the Switch, that’s pretty much it haha


Ok, who played Hotline Miami Collection? Hell, I’m like in the middle of the story in the 2nd one and the collection is one of my all time favorite games and favorite story in a videogame. The soundtrack is also fire as well😎


How’s everybody been doing? I’m trying to work on my last class project of the year which is for chemistry. Doing anything or playing anything new lately? I’ve still been playing Borderlands 2, gonna try to stream over the beginning of summer hehe


I’m sorry I haven’t been active lately, 2 weeks of school left with homework grind and it’ll be summer! Otherwise what has everybody been playing lately? I’ve been playing a bit of Borderlands 2 on the Switch lately, pristine Graphics :D


Just throwing this out there. A great bundle that will give you a whole back log of games to go through while supporting Racial Justice and Equality :) https://itch.io/b/520/bundle-for-racial-justice-and-equality


Yup, played Borderlands 2 on my Switch today. Good memories replaying it again. And yes, the graphics are great on there!


My fellow gamers. Who is a true gamer and is getting any of the Borderlands Games on th Switch? If so... I would be up for trying to play sometime in the future or such👀


I'm confused, why the hell can I follow myself on here Lol.


I don’t normally draw human like figures because they are freaking hard to draw (that’s why the hands are circles and the feet are triangles) BUT, I drew some emo Time Cultist today which is cool. Pixel art awe yeah!


A character named Mayor Fox. He’s supposed to be a fox but screw ears, they don’t look good on him Lol. Pixel art boi hours


I do not know why I drew this. I don’t even know what to name it hehe. Pixel art and I forgot to mention in the candy corn that it’s also pixel art :)


Hey look it’s a Mutated Candy Corn. About 1 and a half stories tall!


Who’s played Dragon’s Lair Trilogy or any Dragon Lair games? Just got it today on the Switch👀


What’s everybody playing lately? I got back into PSVR and I’ve been playing Beat Saber and Blasters of the Universe. I might get Dragon’s Lair Trilogy which I’m pretty excited about but that’s all lately :)


If you have not played Wilmot’s Warehouse yet, I am disappointed in you. A great memorization organizing game. Played it on Switch and Steam and I just got it on iOS last night. Worth looking into :)


Anybody excited for any games or movies releasing this year? Movie wise... I haven’t really seen any movies I want to watch digitally, game wise... I don’t know, maybe SkateBird or such


I don’t know who draws (I like to draw digitally and physically) but here’s a Nintendo Switch Drawing Kickstarter for the application and stylus. It looks really neat honestly👀https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/colorslive/paint-on-switch


I was about to do two Lethal League Blaze tourneys and signed up for them the night before. But during that same night, I got grounded for not really doing homework. What fun :P


I tried making a Megaman Boss lineup with some characters I made :D


To lighten up the day, what has everybody been playing lately? I’ve been meaning to get back into VR gaming but I have been playing KUNAI, Blasphemous and Lethal League Blaze quite a bit lately.


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