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Happy belated Birthday to Inquisitive Ravenclaw and Nathan D!


While Neil deGrasse Tyson is very smart and is proficient in making scientific subjects easier to understand, he can be such a wet blanket at times.


It seems that Shadow of Mordor uses the same movement system as Batman Arkham City. *sigh* Still, slaughtering and brainwashing various fictional orcs that are visually unique and have different personalities is fun.


More news on the Storm Area 51 event. The Area 51 Basecamp event was closed cause not enough people showed up, a few more people got arrested, one dude got dehydrated, and the gathered crowd was rather well behaved. News link in comments.


I don't think of Mitch McConnell as a Grim Reaper. I think of McConnell as a corrupt and worthless shithead. I have mixed feelings on the filibuster. Yeah, getting rid of it could allow good bills to pass, but it could also allow shitty bills to pass.


Another great comic about Area 51-chan by Merryweatherey! Neat change of outfit for her. So far, the actual event seems to be thankfully more boring than imagined, going by the news.


Today is when the Storm Area 51 event is scheduled for. Oh boy. I just hope everyone attending it stays safe.


Youtube has found yet another way to screw over content creators arbitrarily. Youtube's pro-corporate shit never ends.


Today is the first anniversary of Bowsette's appearance!


I have a Steam coupon for 25% off Police Stories. If anyone wants the coupon, let me know.


I doubt there exists a dumber and weirder Doom mod than Mr Smileys Head Safari. Video in comments.


Even Garfield's getting in on the Deal With It meme, though at least the glasses aren't pixelated.


So, AVP 2010 and Dead Space 1 share several stock horror sounds. That's kinda a bummer.


I am with Yahtzee on this one. The Marine campaign is just okay as far as FPS's go, and the Alien campaign is just kinda...there. It would have been nice if the devs nixed the Alien and Marine campaigns to improve and extend the Predator campaign.


I tried the demo for Daymare 1998 and I didn't like it. The game is similar to the Resident Evil games, but worse. For whatever dumb reason, the devs of Daymare 1998 added manual ammo management and overdosing for health items. Fuck that.


CGP Grey's dedication to research for this episode is most impressive, though staying in that rainstorm wasn't a great idea.


That's being unfair to cats, Oliver. Some cats are actually capable of detecting when a human is miserable and will attempt to brighten their day. All cats are individuals, so their behavior can vary significantly.


Biden is becoming more of an embarrassment to himself. I wish he would just drop out. His reliance on Obama has gotten old.


I like Legolas' crazy antics in the Lord of the Ring movies. They're outlandish and kinda wacky, which makes them fun to me.


The deep sea contains some of the weirdest and most interesting lifeforms on Earth.


What does someone do when arguably the most politically progressive city in their County is also the Florida (the place where the weird shit happens) of their County?


I played through the Steam demo for Blast-Axis, and it was pretty good! It's a 6DOF shooter in the vein of Descent, and several weapons have multiple ammo types. Also, that chainsaw on the drone does work.


Sweet, another new mech game for PC. This game looks closer to Armored Core than War Tech Fighters. It also has a Steam demo.


While that would be a rather unnerving sight, having that many spiders gathered in 1 area would cause a drastic decrease of insect pests.


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I am a gamer who prefers games that are more about action than story; especially shooters, action RPG's and hack-and-slashers. I often don't care that much about a video game's story, and instead focus on the weapons instead: how they sound, how they fire/attack, how they look, how they function, and how the more unusual weapons may work. Sometimes a game may be great in just about every category, but I might just ignore it for using boring conventional guns that I've shot a million times.

I am into sci-fi, supernatural, and mecha anime/TV shows/movies/games. I don't care that much about photorealism, unless it drags the gameplay down.

Over the years, I have seen a lot of stupid/unwanted things in the video game industry. Online passes for multiplayer, on-disc downloadable content, day one DLC in Mass Effect 3, pre-order bonuses for Brink, multiple versions of Evolve, collector's edition for the first Watch Dogs game, microtransactions in Dead Space 3, and more. I have also seen things that get in the way of the customer accessing the game they legally bought. SecuROM in Crysis, Games For Windows Live in Red Faction Guerilla (removed over a year ago) SecuROM AND GFWL in Bioshock 2 (both removed years ago), always online DRM in Dead Space 2, Origin in Mass Effect 3, and Denuvo anti-tamper in Doom 4 (it might not get in the way of playing the game but I still have a deep-seated hatred for it). Why does the game industry keep doing this crap? Is ticking off your customers with these draconian measures really worth a week or a few months of zero piracy?