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Why am I a gamer...

Well its 9am. Some of you may reply "But 9 isn't early!" To me, on what is essentially my day off, it is. I usually only see one of the 9's out of the day, something to do with sleeping patterns that have been destroyed by gaming but thats ...


A sign of things to come...

Hello there Destructiod. Yes, I'm just another Blog-jokey starting his first blog here but you know what, I think I'll like it here. Looking around at the other bloggies here I've tried to cobble together an idea for my first blog post. To...


About Elandoone of us since 5:40 AM on 08.28.2009

I like to play a variety of games, I usually don't stick with just one. You can find me playing stuffs like TF 2, Halo 3, Call of Duty, Battlefield 2, Men of War, the list goes on and on. I use Xfire more than steam for gaming, look me up on there as "aragorneth". I'm on most days, so, yeah.

I run a Halo RPG site. Yeah, don't judge me for that just because you hate Halo... :| I've been into RPing for about 8 years. Currently studying for a degree in Media and I'm writing a blog.

Xbox LIVE:Elando Spoon
Steam ID:adhalla


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