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When the chucklefucks in charged killed the ability for sites to run flash, it basically eliminated most of the cool virtual surgeries I used to teach and show my students. No other options, repeal and NOT replace.


Unpopular opinion. On episode 8 and I am absolutely loving the live action Cowboy Bebop.


So far the last few months have been gaming bliss for me. Max Payne 1, and 2, great. Started 3 not bad, Brutal Legend, still good. Sega Genesis Collection on Switch, chef's kiss. Deathloop and Takes of Arise? So good. Arise might be my fave Tales now!


Happy Celebration of your birth Mike/PhilKenSebben. Don't know you much than from qposts, but hope it's great!


Retro Binge: Just finished Max Payne 1 and 2 on my PS2, now working on a game I never had the chance to finish back in 2002 because Blockbuster suddenly disappeared it. Jade Cocoon 2. So far it still holds up well for being a weird little "mon" game.


Dragon Quest theme mixed with the final fantasy fanfare....yup these Olympic games are in Japan.


Anyone else going to Otakon? I think I'm ready to live again. Lost 25 pounds in the last year and think I will cosplay as Mugen from Samurai Champloo.


Playing Grandia 3 on the PS2 and after Playing Star Ocean 3 for the PS2 on the PS5, I have to admit Grandia 3 is way more enjoyable.


Me upon finding out that Vicarious Visions is going to stop making the kinds of games I like to go make exclusive doodoocaca at Blizzard.....


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