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So I'm considering a video card upgrade and after some research the best budget option is a Radeon RX 570, has anyone had experience with this card? would it be better to spend some more and get the RX 580?


After 5 years and basically giving up on PC gaming over an unsolvable technical issue I managed to fix it and now I can game on it again. The first thing to try on it? Bloodstained!


Sega just announced Yakuza 7!


So I really don't care about the film but is anyone else very scaroused with Dark Rei in Ep IX?


As someone that loves the original PvZ but despises how EA has treated the IP, this rings so true.


Maybe it's my intense disgust for the Epic Store as well as sites like Kotaku and Polygon but this take really made me go "Hmmmmm"


Seems we can breath in relief a little, Jim says he would give Bloodstained a 10 (if he still gave scores).


I'm debating whether to get Spider-man for $20 or the Deluxe edition for $30. The regular price for the 3 DLCs is $30 but if they're not worth it I'd rather save the $10 for something else. Any thoughts Dtoid? should I go for it or just the base game?


I can actually believe Kojima pulling this off on us, I'm not even kidding.


It's so sad how accurate this piece is. It can easily be a Scroll of Truth meme


So I just spotted Bloodstained's listing over at GOG. Weird how exited that made me considering I haven't been able to play it at all and that it releases in June.


Seeing the recent news about another unreleased indie game going Epic Store exclusive I have a feeling Epic will become one of the main reasons for the death of crowdfunded games.


Man, Detective Pikachu's post credits scene was full of win.


The new Far From Home trailer is looking freaking awesome. Warning for Endgame spoilers though


Pornhub, you da real MVP.


And next you'll tell me Activision fired Bobby Kotick due to embarassment.


If what I suspect, based on the leaked trailer, about the Star Wars Ep9 is true then IMO it's not gonna be divisive, it's gonna be what makes the old fanbase drop SW for good.


Man, if The Onion ends up closing I'm really gonna miss it.


PSA for everyone: Diablo is back on GOG. https://www.gog.com/game/diablo


Welp, it finally happened. RE2 Remake got a nude mod on PC. And before anyone gets upset they also made Beachboy mod for Mr.X. Links in the comments


I don't entirely agree with this point. Sure, AL might give EA some breathing room but if they take it as a template for future games they'll just be prolonging their demise for a bit longer at best.


That's because they are. Yes, even Lego Star Wars.


So Ghostbusters 3 is a thing that is happening on 2020. On one hand I'm glad they steered away from the 2016 turd. On the other hand Indiana Jones 4 proves that even the best intentions can go horribly wrong.


This is a very interesting POV. AAA publishers have gone way past anything healthy for the long run with their nickel and dimming practices and most gamers are finally saying NO to them. That said it's gonna get real ugly before it gets better.


OK, I just watched the latinamerican trailer for Saint Seiya and all I can say is WTF?. When Soldier Soul was localized Bamco put effort and got the original voice cast, but Seiya in this thing? fucking horrible.


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