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Pre-Order Lost Planet 2: Receive Wesker

So I'm gonna keep this news short and sweet since I'm 3 minutes past my lunch break as it is. But for those of you that plan on getting Lost Planet 2 and enjoy playing as a sunglasses wearing, slicked back blond bastard with a nice big re...

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Hello-hello Destructoid! I'm your friendly blogger-next-door, Evan, but you're all welcome to call me EarthbounderNess. Actually, I lied about the friendly part, I don't like any of you. In fact, I loathe all of you so much, I'm not next door either, I'm inside your house, in your kitchen, eating all of your food that doesn't suck.

I'm a 23 year old, double jobbin drone, totally livin the "sweet life". I have an unhealthy obsession with dressing up on days other than Halloween about once every other month. See below?

Cliche as it is, I'm a man of many faces.

Cosplay is a huge love of mine, right alongside video games. You can call me names because of it if you want, just don't throw anything at my head, I need to protect my beautiful face.

Really though I just hope you all enjoy what little bits of crap I shell out here. If you don't enjoy any of it, then drop me a PM saying how much you hate me and how I need to go eat paint chips, I won't take too much offense. Promise.

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