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A-Nerd-Lysing: Far Cry 5

So I'm going to try and do something dumb, it's less than 1 day till the Far Cry 5 official reveal and well I'm going to try and pull what I can from the single image we've been given to try and work out more details.  Well more ...


So this weeks Dr Who was better than last weeks but boy did they miss a trick by showing off the monsters faces. I mean they could have made a really scary villain but instead they showed the creatures faces right away.


So APB reloaded on PS4 is bad, so bad Jim Sterling should be doing a Jimpression to mock how bad it is. For those who want to see bad well this is how bad it gets


I just beat someone so badly in Drawn to Death I felt the need to send them an apology after it. This isn't even some kind of brag I genuinely feel bad and like it's the kind of stomping that would drive someone away from the game


People who go in a party into a solo free for all then work as a team to make sure one of them wins are fucking scum. Especially when there's only 4 players in the free for all.


Microsoft: "We can't actually improve the assets of the game or make it look better other than upscaling, we can however add Microtransactions and Paid DLC, enjoy gamers"


Every time someone uses the "But COD Zombies so it's already unrealistic" as an excuse to demand "diversity" I immediately now use that exact reason to demand all the Soliders can fly, shoot eye lasers and ride Woolly Mammoths into battle.


Working on another Master Click Baiter. I do hope this time some publication doesn't ruin the fun and publish a headline like one I'm making before I finish making the set.


Ah the internet does love it's Karma. A bot is created to list the name, city, state, job & company of every Trump Donor. The bot spits out a name with a rather unusual surname. Sarkeesian. The internet looks and finds Anita's dad helped fund Trump lol


So after playing to get the Genji Oni Skin with Shinkz (Thank you Shinkz) and others, I decided later that day to try HOTS solo queue. People there made the Drunk Russians of DOTA2 look preferable. It was just me coming up with ever more creative insults!


To correct what I said Yesturday my addy on Battlenet / Blizzard launcher is Dwavenhobble#2623 (because Blizzard like adding numbers and stuff to screen names). So yeh anyone up for getting the Overwatch skins from Heroes of the Storm add me


If anyone else wants to grind out the games for the Genji Oni skin this week, the D.Va skin next week, the sprays and Icon the week after and the 10 lootboxes in the final week. Add me: I'm Dwavenhobble on my Blizzard account too


Well I thought the blood and Split lip would top it from my Wisdom Tooth removal but no my body decided 2 black eyes. And make one of them swell up. I look like I should have been a pre patch Mass Effect Andromeda character now lol


Chocolate Milk counts as a meal right? Yes I know how much of a stereotypical "Gamer" thing Chocolate Milk has ended up as but I've presently got 3 lots of stitches in my mouth where my Wisdom teeth were so it's one of the few things I can have still


Crazy Twitter people (who have surprisingly large followings) believe that there's a conspiracy by the Russians to take over the USA by controlling children's minds through video games. And unlike the last time Ben Kuchera isn't involved.


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I've been gaming since the SNES days. I've been in the pro scene before for tribes 2 but hate the present pro scenes and have no interest in going back into it.

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