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So many people on about how they love Smash. I mean who knew so many people loved instant mashed potato?


For those who are upset over Fallout 76 and really do want to get a refund or start to try and get one


So apparently James Gun spent his time away from Disney making a film about totally not at all kid Superman being an eerie serial killer / slasher villain


So Epic really are going in hard after Steam. They're offering a selected game free every 2 weeks on their store from the 14th onwards.


I have a slight suspicion that someone at Ubisoft might have been a fan of the show The Tribe. I mean twin sister villains in a post apocalypse aren't that common in fiction.


I think the reason I still have facebook is because my friends regularly share stuff like this.


So I just learned that EA might have tried to start a competing hastag to mock #Notmybattlefield. I don't know what's funnier Them feeling the need to do that or it failing..........


Well it's now close enough to Christmas that I don't feel bad sharing Christmas related stuff. But because I'm a mean bitter person enjoy this corruption of a Christmas classic, this was a real advert in the UK.


Lol Bethesda offering to pay arbitration fees initially at a cost of ~$1,000 each to avoid refunds initially. Basically here's a video on it all by someone smart. Bethesda might be in for a bit of an interesting times.


The problem with my trying to parody some-one defending corporations is no matter how insane your parody you'll easily find some-one suggesting things like this to punish consumers voicing their views.


Beat BroForce on PC (I beat it on PS4 before) I swear I found this guy to be one of the easiest bosses in the game.


Atari's horrifying corpse shambles onward stinking and looking more rotten than ever


Communist sheep. A game has communist sheep in it. I didn't expect it going into this game initially and now I've got a picture of it.


Ok I have to capture footage of this game I'm playing now because I con't believe this is real. I just had a level end with a chase sequence where a communist sheep herd chases you. This game is just nuts


I don't think I've sworn this much at a game for many years. But I beat it. And I did it on normal rather than turning it down to easy despite the fact the game is possibly harder that the final boss in Furi and less fair.


In other news some-one with an apparent EA IP turned up in Eurogamer's Battlefield V review comments. So seems like EA has resorted to payed shills in comments sections now.


"The only reason the misogyonerds wouldn't buy Battlefield V is because it has women in it any other reason is a dog whistle" "Oh no the Misogyonerds are killing women in Battlefield V because the female characters aren't indestructible" Lol


EA's share price has been dropping since July it seems


Rare footage of a wigless Donald Trump running amok has been found


Red Dead Redemption 2 was the 2nd biggest release in the entire history of all entertainment mediums. Now you're thinking about that think on this. That wasn't good enough for shareholders and Take Two's stock fell 8.2% today. Industry is fucked.


I feel sorry for Americans. They go to vote almost all never knowing the pleasure of being allowed to spoil their ballot paper. In the UK if you write on you ballot paper anything written must be given to the candidates one at a time to read. Yes really


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