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screw Vox / The Verge for abusing DMCA


Apex Legends is fun, it's mechanically good. And has the same problem I seem to have with almost every other game that requires a Squad and teamplay. Pubbies suck so badly they make me look good. Shame when I have to rely on them as squad mates


So Disney are happy with EA's handling of the Star Wars licence, what they likely failed to add was they're happy EA are fucking up and pissing more fans of the franchise off than Disney are so Disney get to deal with less fan anger lol


With all these shows from when I was growing up being remade (Charmed, Buffy etc) where's my damn Cleopatra 2525 remake?


Anthem might have flying mech suits but it doesn't have Irisa


So I know Dtoid has some Picross fans, it's not something I'm into but I think this might be something for you.


accurate depiction of Gearbox's head of PR watching Randy Pitchford as of late.


Dear World. It's only 12 days into 2019. Please stop trying to out insane 2018 or at least space it out. So far there's already been a lot go on.


I said I'd likely give this a try and so I've started. Here's a work in progress picture


Kicking 2018 out the door

(Note: Links are to a mix of youtube videos on the subject or actual articles depending on what I could find, archives used for sites who have been naughty and I'm trying to show this without rewarding them) The end of another year fo...


Well turns out the scammers have apparently been busy over Christmas cooking up a new bunch of Fake game items to try to fool people into thinking they're getting some cool highly valued game items for next to nothing.


This #Cursedmas eve remember to not stay up too late so Santaur can deliver gifts without being disturbed


Nothing says #cursedmas decoration quite like a fake bear head you can mount to your wall with a Christmas hat on.


Well it's happened you can now apparently pre-order Mountain Dew to get access to The Division 2's Beta......... no really


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