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Well they've moved on from "Level 1 thug / Level 30 boss" to Waifu stuff. Um...............yeh......


Caustic is getting a 40K esc skin in Apex


So I'm playing an indie police themed beat em up game and this is actually one of the moves. I think I may have found something good, or at least entertaining.


As people debate over what the WHO recognising Gaming disorder means and if it's good or bad. I have to say it might actually help protect tits and tits are awesome.


I don't know what's more disconcerting to me. That this is a cosmetic DLC for a game or that I stumbled upon it while looking for stuff on Steam


The war for the living room.

Ok so this is one of those Cblogs about a concept I don't know how many people are familiar with but it's also a topic that is an absolutely huge influencing concept over the tech industry at present. It explains so many strange tech ...


[NSFW] The Grumble Awards 2018

Welcome to the other awards. The awards no developer wants to win. The awards for the bad, the incompetent, the scummy or the just plan brain dead. Welcome to the awards I give based on my own petty whims. Welcome to the Grumble Award...


[NSFW] Dwarven's video game awards 2018

So yeh this is late. My Laptop decided to break and had to go for repair and then there were issue with Destructoid and password recovery. So yeh that's why this has taken so long. As per usual some new awards are in and some old are o...


I'd just like to reassure everyone in the wake of talk of ProJared abusing his fame. If I ever do end up famous and rich it won't change me. I'm an asshole now. To quote some-one else "I'll still be an asshole, I'll just be one who owns his own Tank"


So you want diverse Romance options in a video games eh?


This was something I made many years back and used in a Cblog. Initially it was due to the tiff between Jim Sterling and Randy Pitchford. But at Randy has been acting up again on twitter.


Easy Chodes and the idea of challenge.

So there's been a lot talked about regarding Sekiro and its difficulty. With certain people on about how it needs an easy mode and claiming its for accessibility reasons. The same people who likely have never written anything praising...


So I've been playing a bit of the indie game "Alone" it's $1 on Steam. It's a survival game with pixel art but it feels like it had real heart and effort put into it. Here's the moment I kind of went from "this game is meh" to "this quite good"


I feel like I shouldn't try for more achievements and should just leave it as is now.


Why yes youtube I would love to buy the video game Playstation 4 Pro. Though I have no idea what that game plays on, is it a game for the Atari Jaguar?


I'm back. A Broken (now mostly fixed) laptop and being quite ill kept me away. Anyway have a video from the game Wailing Heights of a WereWolf singing Irish Folk music.


The Apex Legend standard door, now 100% more lethal and still just as functional.


In video game news Fortnite Live was apparently a complete disaster. Approximately $15 per person entry and then a further $26 per person for a wristband to go on the poor quality attractions (one of which is in the picture)


My First ever win in Apex Legends from the other day. Staircases = OP is all I'm saying.


screw Vox / The Verge for abusing DMCA


Apex Legends is fun, it's mechanically good. And has the same problem I seem to have with almost every other game that requires a Squad and teamplay. Pubbies suck so badly they make me look good. Shame when I have to rely on them as squad mates


So Disney are happy with EA's handling of the Star Wars licence, what they likely failed to add was they're happy EA are fucking up and pissing more fans of the franchise off than Disney are so Disney get to deal with less fan anger lol


With all these shows from when I was growing up being remade (Charmed, Buffy etc) where's my damn Cleopatra 2525 remake?


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