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Destructoid Housewarming Party recap

This past weekend, Destructoid had an official "Welcome to San Francisco party!" Was it amazing? You bet it was. There were so many pictures, I didnt know where to start, but power_glove told me "let the pictures speak for themselves.."....


San Mateo NARP Recap!

Hola! This past Saturday, DtoidSF met up for an EPIC Narp in San Mateo at Agius's apartment. The setup included an Xbox 360 in the living room on the main TV, a smaller TV off to the side with a Gamecube playing Super Smash Bros. Melee, a...


DtoidSF now on Facebook and Twitter!

Hey guys! By request from the NARP this weekend, DtoidSF now has a presence on both Facebook and Twitter! The DtoidSF Facebook Fan Page will allow for a place to check out the latest Destructoid and gaming events happening in the Bay Ar...


San Mateo NARP Jan 16th!!

Hey DtoidSF! Did you have a good holiday? I know I did! Now that we are back from visiting family and going on vacations, its time to meet up and play some games together!! Agius has offered to have a get together at his place in San Ma...


Umloud: A Child's Play Charity event Dec 9th

Hey DtoidSF! It's been mentioned in the emailer already, but in case you need a reminder THIS WEDNESDAY there will be a Child's Play charity event held at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco! For a requested donation of $10 to enter, you ha...


NARP recap (w/ pictures!!!)

I just wanted to first of all thank everyone who came out to my place this last Saturday! I had a great time at the party and hope you all did too! Special thanks goes out to ErbilT for bringing his TV so that we could have one 360 going a...


Mini meetup at the Casa de Tactix

Hey guys! Its been a while since we have decided to get together, but now is the time! This weekend, Tactix's brother, Elem08, is coming up all the way from Texas. He was SUPPOSED to go to PAX, but a bout of the swine flu quarantined him...


Japantown recap!!

Hey al! First of all, thanks to all who came out to the meetup! As mentioned before, DtoidSF went down to Japantown to check out the brand new center focused on Japan pop culture, New People. Approximately 12 of us showed up to walk arou...


Japantown meetup - Aug 16th!

Hey all! Here is a quick blog about a meetup being planned currently for members of Dtoid San Francisco. This weekend, Japantown is pleased to have a grand opening of New People, a center designated for celebrating J-Pop! (as seen on Jap...


DtoidSF Meetup: Sunnyvale Golfland

Hey all! If you live in the Bay Area, and are not on the DtoidSF mailing list, first of all, SHAME ON YOU! Being on the DtoidSF google group is the best way to find out what events Dtoiders in your area have planned, such as gaming events...


Dtoid 3rd Anniversary Party

Dtoid 3rd Anniversary TARP (Totally Apparent Reason Party) The weekend is almost here and the internet is buzzing with anticipation for the anniversary of the greatest gaming community on the interwebs � Destructoid. While our fearless l...


Reminder: Wondercon next weekend!

This is just your friendly reminder that this weekend, from Feb 27-March 1st, Wondercon will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco! If you were only considering going here are a couple of the events happening that will probably ...


Wondercon and Dtoid Anniversary party!

Hey everyone! Tactix here! The DtoidSanFrancisco group is proud to announce two upcoming events for everyone living in the East Bay area! Make sure to take out your Nerdcore calendars and some permanent markers, cause its time to have som...


Fun in Japantown! (This Saturday!!)

Crazy fun time in Japantown! Guess what? It�s almost the weekend! And guess what? That means RANDOM FUN TIME IN THE CITY! Several members of DtoidSF (Dyson, CTZ, Husky and more!) are planning on meeting in San Francisco at Japantown ...


Mini-NARP details and Google Group info

Hey all! Did you miss me? I know I missed me! San Francisco has been dealing with alot lately, from Prop 8 protests to Soap Box Derby in Dolores Park.....but never fear, the Golden Gate City is ready and willing for some Dtoid love! T...


Mini-NARP and Google group info!

Hey all! Did you miss me? I know I missed me! San Francisco has been dealing with alot lately, from Prop 8 protests to Soap Box Derby in Dolores Park.....but never fear, the Golden Gate City is ready and willing for some Dtoid love! T...


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