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Halo 3 is 10 years old today, and I'm still in love with it

On September 25, 2007, the final installment of the Halo trilogy was unleashed upon gamers the world over. It was a gargantuan financial success; Halo 3 became the biggest entertainment launch in history, with over $170 million in sales wit...


Unity games are having trouble on the Switch

If you’re patiently waiting for games like Yooka-Laylee on the Switch, you may have to wait just a little bit longer. This morning, Yooka-Laylee developers Playtonic released a backer update on their Kickstarter page, detailing their ...


PC Gamers out there, I have a question: Would you rather have a 4K 75hz monitor, or a 1440p 144hz monitor?


Hope everyone's doing well today :) My final Uncharted blog is coming out tomorrow morning. It's a long one, so strap in for a 4,000 word adventure!


Here's my updated set-up. New chair (the old one was defective) and a stand for my monitor! I'll post another one of these when I've got my hands on a real Gaming PC and a desk to suit it!

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There's finally a trailer for the Tomb Raider movie

After weeks of an information-drip on the new Tomb Raider, we finally have a trailer to sink our teeth into. Boy, do we have a lot to talk about. From the trailer, this appears to be a direct adaption of 2013's Tomb Raider&nb...


Steam combats review bombing with infographics

Steam introduced histograms to its review system Tuesday to combat review bombing – a practice where users post a significant number of negative reviews to a games Steam page in a small amount of time to lower the score of the game. T...

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(2012 Hot take alert) Far Cry 3 is overrated. 6/10.

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Review: Mother!

Would you like to play a game? Well, it’s a puzzle really. It starts with Mother and Him. They are set in their home, and set upon by strangers. Only one at first, but then two, four, a grieving, boisterous entourage, a cult. All of c...


I tried watching Durarara!! and gave up after 3 episodes. The characters are annoying, or way too simple, and the premise is just lame. Lame, lame, LAME! Why do people like this show?


Finally got PUBG. Wish me luck boyos!


I'm always glad to see our people doing great things. Great, round things. http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2017/09/04/getting-to-the-bottom-of-tracers-derriere


I'm halfway done saving up for my Gaming PC. The rest of the money being saved will be going straight towards the GTX 1070. Only a few more months...


What has everyone been playing lately? I've been diving into Dying Light with a buddy of mine to conquer the DLC. What about you?


I started playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. yesterday. I really like that atmosphere, though I'm having to quicksave a lot becau-I JUST GOT SHOT AGAIN, FUCK!


Finally finished Persona 5. Sorry for being gone so long, but I just, UGH I had to complete that shit. It was good, 8/10


Look, I'm disappearing into a Persona hole, and I won't come out until I beat it. See you guys soon, wish me luck.


One of my favorite panels from Berserk.

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Review: The Emoji Movie

You know, for the longest time, I thought this movie was a joke. Something invented by film producers to have a laugh. A prank that writers bounced around, but never dared to seriously consider, lest their career be stamped with a black, in...


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