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Ugh, Valerian was kind of a headache. It's not the worst movie ever, but it fizzles out halfway through and the plot is laughable. Not a fan.


A friend loaned me Nausicaa of the Valley of the now I'm crying. I'm in love with the soundtrack and the animation especially, even if (the animation) isn't as crisp as I like it.


Wolfenstein: The New Order is impossible to get running on my PC. No fullscreen, but I can play it 60 fps in windowed mode? I'm so lost. Compatability settings cannot help me now.


Damn. I was not expecting that many people to read my Doc Who article. Thanks guys!

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Wow, I completed forgot how stupid Uncharted 3's plot is. I know Naughty Dog was strapped for time but....seriously? This is straight garbo.


I played Persona 5 for two days straight and I feel like I'm dying. 40 hours in and no end in sight. I'm being consumed by this game!


I went outside. It was hot and I got lost. Never again.

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I hope everyone's having a pleasant Sunday! Take it easy guys and gals.


I'm getting into Anime in a big way...but I'm still relatively new to medium. Here's my list from MAL, should be pretty complete. Judge me. I dare you.


I understand we have a lot of East coast folks, but if you ever get a chance to head out West, stop along the Oregon Coast. It has a special kind of Magic. This right here is Astoria.


Trouble Sleeping + Upcoming C-blogs

I’m sitting at my desk. Thinking. Staring my computer in the face. The blue light is burning into the back of my skull, screaming at me, “Sleep. Why won’t you sleep?” It’s a question that I ask myself on ...


Who the hell is Drew Stuart?? Relax, it's me, Load of Bollocks. I'm using my true persona for clarity since I'm writing at Flixist under my real name. Don't worry, nothing's changed, except I'm back to using a face-pic (bask in my glory.)


Any tips on how to get started in Photoshop? I wanna create goofy thumbnails and sick gifs like the pros, but I'm uncertain where I should start.


On this episode of Bollocks goes to the coast, I found this Whale carcass. It's almost 15 feet long!


Happy Monday, everyone! Let's kick this week in Qtoid off right:


Was having a good day, then I farted going up the stairs of my apartment complex and some dude smoking a cig witnessed it and all I could say was "Wassup?" Now my day is GREAT.


FINALLY! I picked up Persona 5 yesterday and have been having a blast so far. Love the skin that came with it too! Also...bonus points to anyone who finds a secret message hidden in this image.


I was re-reading Berserk and I noticed a very Occams-esque moment.


My E3 predictions are this: I don't really care. I hope they show off Red Dead, but otherwise I'm watching for cringe.


Lot of mods out here today...h-hope I don't get...b-bb


This is the ideal sandwich. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.


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