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Review: L.A. Noire

Hey internet, it�s July 7th, 2011, and I have a digitalized collection of opinionated written pieces. For this fine evening, I want to write on something completely new and complex. An entirely unique venture for interactive gaming ente...


I'm over Kinect.(6/14/11)

Happy tuesday internet, I'm Drew and I have a blog. Motion controls originally hit the larger scene with Nintendo�s (at the time) next big console, the Nintendo Wii. Everyone with an attention span has certainly acknowledged at this poin...


Where I've been, and Stuff and Things(6/13/11)

Hey Internet, this is a blog. Well, yeah, I�ve been on a hiatus obviously. To come clean, I had been wrapped up in actual life stuff and at the time I didn�t really have much to write about nor much to do with the �stipend; I�ve been rec...


Monday Night Combat Review(360): 2/27/2011

Hello internet, I am Drew, it's the twenty-seventh of Febuary, 2011, and I have a blog. To shove it out of the way, I am indeed late to the scene with this game, released back last year. Despite, I'm working pushing out weekly content fo...


My First Blog, and Dragon Age 2: 2/24/11

Hello internet, I am Drew, it's Febuary 25th, 2011 and I have a blog. I've always been bad at introductions, so allow me to skip a little bit ahead to whatever it is I feel like talking about. Yep, this is indeed my first blog on Dtoid an...


About Drew Zambroskione of us since 11:48 PM on 02.24.2011

This is the same info you can find on my facebook profile. Yeah I know, copying and pasting is lazy, but hey, why re-type a perfect summary?

As a simple teenager, I'm into geeky stuff and cool things. Yes, that's pretty general. I attend Roosevelt High School, and am intrested in pursuing a career in film direction, but of course that's barely going to get off the ground at my current grade of Freshman.
And, I'm completley unphotogenic and my picture taking skills also reflect that, so for now, Scott Pilgrim will be representing me. My heart goes out to you, Bryan Lee O'Malley.

My intrests include, of course, film, and obviously being on Dtoid, video games. And now I'm getting into blogging about these things and whatever else is on my mind, a concept long encouraged by my family. Of course, expect me to totally geek out and what not.
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