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Night in the Woods is coming to the Switch

In a time where indie games are pouring onto the Switch, you can now count one more fantastic game among their numbers. Night in the Woods is coming to the Nintendo Switch on Feb. 1, 2018. Developer Infinite Fall announced the news on Twitt...


I'm ecstatic that Dtoid is running faster than ever. The speeds it loaded at dampened my interest in posting and commenting for a while, but hey, now seems the time to get back at it. Love yall ;)


Man, I played Civilization V for the first time a few days ago, and I've already wasted 25 hours over multiple games. I had no idea it would so engaging. Mostly because Germany kept attacking me. Fuck you, Bismark.


FINALLY watched Your Name and it was fantastic. One of the best films (not confined to Anime) I've seen in a long, long time.


And the most played Nintendo Switch games are...

Hey, listen, Nintendo of America has released a ranking of the Nintendo Switch's most played games since the system launched back in March. The list is filled with a plethora of Nintendo's first-party titles, but several indie titles and po...

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Review: Insidious: The Last Key

There’s a fatal flaw that’s lodged in every good horror franchise: sooner or later, their quality begins to drop exponentially. Saw was a great film, but Saw IV? What about Paranormal Activity, and each entry...

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Animaniacs is getting two new seasons courtesy of Hulu

Well, I was wrong. Back in May, we heard that Animaniacs was looking to make a comeback, with both Amblin Television and Warner Bros. Animation on board for its revival. I was sure they would pick Netflix, but it looks like&n...


The endless stairs in Metal Gear Solid have me drinking bleach. I got so furious I slammed my PS3 controller into my phone (accidentally) and put a small crack in the screen. Ughh

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Review: Black Mirror (Season 4)

We live in a time of fear. Fear of other people, fear of our government. We’re afraid of where we are, but more than that, we are terrified of where we are going. We can hardly predict what will happen in a given year, and technolo...


Spent the day playing Metal Gear Solid with my girlfriend! :) She hates almost all the women we've encountered so far lol.


My new keyboard will increase my gaming satisfaction tenfold.

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How Star Wars: The Last Jedi fumbles its potential

(Editors Note: We've had two pretty glowing takes on The Last Jedi, found here and here, so Drew offered to provide a counterpoint to those.) Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a puzzling movie. Not because it’s mysterious, or full of s...


I didn't like The Last Jedi as much as I thought I might. A few good moments, but riddled with problems, good ideas, and lacking the character that makes Star Wars, Star Wars. 6/10. I'll post my extended thoughts tomorrow.


Wolfenstein II was great! The story was deeply memorable and interesting, and the gameplay was a step up from The New Order. But holy hell, that's the most difficult "normal" difficulty I've ever played.


Oh yeah, my gaming rig is finally built. I've got 16GB of RAM, an i5-7600k, and a GTX 1080. Now...I can finally play Undertale. You see how good this game looks? Truly I have ascended.


Been away for a second, Finals have been really killing me these past couple of weeks. On the bright side, now I have all the parts for my Gaming PC!


Of all the PC Parts I've received so far, this has got to be the most satisfying one.


Yakuza Kiwami 2 demo out now on Japanese PlayStation Store

This year, Europe and North America finally got their hands on Yakuza Kiwami, a remake of the first Yakuza game that had been long anticipated by fans. But, as per usual, Japan is one step ahead of us. Not only did Yakuza Kiwami release in ...


The day has come. I've begun ordering PC Parts after hours of scrounging for deals. Soon I will have enough resources to ascend!


Hardcore History + XCOM: Enemy Unknown = How I've been playing games the last two weeks


Grand Theft Auto V is the US's best-selling game of all time

It's no secret that the Grand Theft Auto franchise makes money. Each game in Rockstar's flagship series is a massive critical success, adorned with rave reviews by nearly every gaming outlet, while remaining easily accessible and fun f...


Today I went to Vancouver, BC. It was cold and beautiful and interesting. Here's a boat.


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