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Wii U Online: Not Unified but 'Flexible'?

I'm betting you've heard that news about a new Nintendo console. Not sure why, but I'm just going to go on the assumption that you know the name is the 'Wii U' as well. But since that ever so slightly confusing and, perhaps, even a litt...


Activision Threatens to Shutdown PSN Servers

I've not been much of a fan of Activision as a company of late. Between Bobby Kotick raking in boatloads of cash by milking franchises to death until they're nothing but dried up husks and the treatment of the developers themselves such ...


EA: Waging War on the Used Game

I doubt anyone will be the least bit surprised on this front as this is not the first instance of this kind of tactic being implemented by game publishers. But for those unaware, EA is now tacking on a $10 multiplayer activation charge f...


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