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A Game you Should Take a Look At...

Wow! I'm making a blog post! Yes it's been a while...But I have something I think you should spend some time looking at: You hear about botched Kickstarter projects all the time - zombie survival games with a map the size of Germany, a...


Assassin's Creed Unity and Free DLC

Ubisoft recently announced that the upcoming AC: Unity DLC, entitled "Dead Kings" will be given out for free after game's disastrous launch. So by now, you've most likely heard of the whole host of problems that plagued Assassin's Cree...


My Top 3 Favourite Games for Mac

So I thought this would be a good topic to begin on - being a Mac heavy gamer. Please feel free to post your favourites in the comments (I assume there are comments, I haven't looked). They're not in any particular order by-the-way. Ci...


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Hi folks. Thank you for being kind enough for giving my page a view. I don't often tend to write all too much but I like to believe that when I do, it's something interesting. Well, at least - interesting to me. I don't know about guys.

Anyhow. Enjoy!