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Decided to be an adult, set up an appointment with a new doctor for a physical and then the guy goes ahead get earwax jammed into my ear when trying to clean it. I can barely hear now and they want me to go back to try to remove it after using some debrox


Dark Souls remaster on Steam is losing its upgrade discount from the original PC release and in the interim, I noticed these tags have been added to the game. Amazing.


Is Qtoid going to get redesigned or changed? I dunno about everyone else, but something about the way it works now is perfectly mixed between message board, social media post, and a discord server. I hope if it does change that dynamic is preserved.


We were out of the house and our dog was alone for probably a bit longer than she had been for before AND our neighbor was shooting off noisy fireworks = dog diarrhea pooped all over.


Maybe I missed the memo about this still being WIP but isn't the front page supposed to have infinite scolling enabled again? Seems to just stop for me after 11 stories and there's no page 2 buttons or anything at the bottom.


It's just a ploy to get the internet to like the olympics and forget how evil it is! The music is a ploy, wake u-- *muffled screams*


Playing through FF Tactics for the first time. It's pretty neat. And as a hyyyuuge fan of FF12, it's making me want to play that again lol


Well, I would not have predicted this big of a support for a handheld PC. But then again, handhelds never appealed to me so I have no idea what people like.


Return of the Obra Dinn On Ice


Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime in a Musical!


Metal Gear Solid: Musical Action Espionage.


It's really a testament to just how massive the generational leaps used to be when you compare the differences between RE and its remake and Demon's Souls and its remake. RE was 5 years. DS was a decade.


I didn't plan on getting is bueno tonight, but it felt appropriate.


This is pretty funny, the RE0 remaster has such high textures you can actually read all of the junk text they put in the game's backgrounds, like this real phone number for the LA Department of Transportation lol


With Windows 11, MS is partaking in the grand tradition of tech companies where they flip flop between design philosophies for hard edges and rounded edges. PlayStation hardware is a perfect example, every console swaps between hard and soft edge design.


Sometimes my dog sleeps like this and it's great.


What question or comment do you get from friends or family or even co-workers from another department about your job that you're completely sick of answering?


That's a Kos-Mos and I ain't complainin'


There definitely would have been years a fizzled E3 would have bummed me out, but I guess I just didn't need one this year. Or I really really wasn't expecting one. Like a lot of people, E3 was THE gaming thing. It hasn't been for me in a long time.


An open world Soulslike? I'm interested in seeing how that works out, or if it isn't as "open" as it seems. I'm curious if From would ever want to pull off something that isn't high fantasy themed some day.


What sayings have you heard from maybe an older relative or teacher or anyone that's stuck with you in some way? Could be advice or just an observation. My grandfather once described easily picked glove compartment locks as "keeping honest people honest".


Yup, I jumped on that Nextlander patreon first thing in the morning. The Ex-GB staff earned my trust ages ago. I do wish they were all under one roof still but I'm glad they haven't disappeared into the ether.




I keep tapping Videos at the top instead of Qtoid!


Oh we're doing fight scenes now? Well, the undisputed fight choreography master was Monty Oum and this series is still deeply impressive. He had his influences for sure (a lot of matrix stuff) but even they didn't do it this well.


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