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I'm working from home as of tomorrow. Very thankful for that to A) be an option and B) still be working in general. Gratitude aside, my workday will now include ~75% more Vivaldi than it previously did.


Got through the RE3 demo. And all I got to say is that save room music. Oh man. That was a sense memory like getting the first smell of a warm spring day. My mind saw the color of my best friend's bedroom walls in middle school.


At this point, work is much more of a stressor than this damn virus. I've been barely doing anything else. In the Great Work From Home Surge of 2020, IT departments have a lot of work to do...


You can track when this outbreak began to really take traction in the news and in the minds of most people when it went from "corona virus" to "coronavirus" as one word.


So, if E3 2020 is canceled then that means one thing... they're bringing back Spaceworld, baybeeeeee!!!


My initial impressions with CoD Warzone are not great! The menus are very confusing, full of features only applicable to the paid modes, and the battle royale itself took 10 minutes in the lobby because is insisted on 120 people joining, then it crashed.


I finished The New Pope just now. I am maybe not going to be this impressed by a TV show again in a long long time. Chernobyl was technically impressive, and competently written. It doesn't hold a candle to the kind of craft happening in New Pope.


If I had anything close to a personal wish to be granted, it would be this: to have a private, honest conversation with Miyamoto. I've thought about that for a long time. I wouldn't record it or write about it.


ALSO, this August will be the 5th year anniversary of Qtoid. 2015... damn. Mark it on the calendar's, people.


You ever do that thing where you're at your computer, scrolling through Qtoid and then you pick up your phone to reflexively refresh Qtoid lol


I'm totally ok with the FF7 Remake battle system. It does seem a little too flashy for its own good (a cutscene ate my limit break during the boss fight) but you can do some wild shit with this combat system.


We've got ad blockers, but can I also get a face recognition app that blocks youtube thumbnails with bug eyed gawking faces? I will never click your garbo video and I'd like to make room in my reccos for better shit.


Recently I noticed my first grey hair. I dunno about everyone else, but I'm looking forward to rocking the salt and pepper look.


It doesn't help that "Byleth" sounds like the scientific term for something your digestive system produces.


Anyone got a whiskey recco?


{Wordtoid} Historic phrases preserve use and pronunciation trends. The phrase "dearly beloved" preserves the original pronunciation of -ed suffixes. The -e- tends to get skipped over now, and sometimes the -d turns to a -t. "Skipt" instead of "skip-ed".


I have really really been enjoying the Blasphemous soundtrack. It's a really dower soundtrack but when I'm under a lot of pressure, this kind of stuff really resonates with me.



{Wordtoid} Virtual stems from Virtue, which originally meant power and manhood (synonyms at the time, see also: Virile). Virtual then means the things able to produce that power. Computers would later borrow the word to mean a simulation of reality.


I'm sorry? You what? You... You wanna hear some GOOD tunes? OOOhhhh, oh, ok, ok, ok, I gotchu


I am very sad to learn just now that Terry Jones died on the 21st. Not sure when the news became public.


Smash Bros Oops All Fire Emblem


Soooo, I found something that I'm surprised I didn't know about. A perfect keyboard/mouse ROM hack for Perfect Dark. If you have the ROM on PC, then this special emulator lets you run it (and Goldeneye) with perfect PC controls at 60 FPS. (link inside)


Through the power of pure likability, Chris Moyse singlehandedly fixed the Disqus comments. I never knew he had the power.


This Disqus shit has to get fixed, it basically breaks my use of this website without a working notification system.


6 minutes into the new year. Gettin it started right


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