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The setting of Sekiro doesn't interest me, but I LOVE the fact that From did what I've been hoping: Not just make another Souls/Bloodborne fan-service game. That shit's comfort food by this point, and that's fine, but they can do better and they did!


Thank GOD RE 2 remake isn't first person. That would have killed it for me.


Unlisted music on Nintendo's Smash channel (it's hosted on the official site, but through a weird embedded link that doesn't look like a youtube link). This one's pretty neat!


I will be producing a blog that examines the move sets of these characters once I'm off of work. For instance, I can tell you Ridley most likely has a counter and that marth has a directional neutral-B.


Hey, folks. I posted another Word Play. It's kinda like my Wordtoid quick posts but in video form. Today features Metroid Prime and 4 words: Strafe, Metro, Android, and Morph. Thanks and enjoy.


For anyone who follows Smash really closely, this should be pretty funny


They had to skip the next 72 Fallouts to get to one that also wasn't just Fallout 3 again.


This is genuinely hilarious.


It's already E3 judge's week, holy baloney.


If things that go out explode, and things that go in implode... then that means at all other times things are in a state of plode.


I guess chalkboards are basically gone now. Which means the art of writing smoothly on a chalkboard will be lost for all time...


{Wordtoid} There is no gramatical reason why "hanged" is only used for human execution while "hung" is used for everything else. It's just tradition.


Obligee is a funny word.


Name someone famous or well known that you have a comically distant connection to. For me: My friend plays table tennis with the uncle of Toby Fox (the Undertale dev).


Here's a fact that sound bonkers to me: The last Holy Roman Emperor died only about 80 years before my grandmother was born. I just had no idea the empire was that historically recent.


Totalbiscuit wrote publicly that he's planning for end-of-life since his cancer has spread again. Only 33. A shame. I didn't watch his stuff much, but I respect him. His WTF Is series has helped me plenty in the past.


Dr. Mel's Pro Windows Tip for Cool People: If you hit Tab+Windows Key you can make a new instance of your desktop with its own taskbar. Good for if you have like a shit ton of stuff open.


{Wordtoid} An "ærendgast" is an Old English term for an angel, made from two words still in use today: Errand and Gast. Errand used to mean a mission rather than a simple task, and a gast is an old term for a ghost or spirit.


It's the closest thing to Dismal Jesters we've gotten in a long time. I hope this keeps going. Got several good laughs from this episode.


Occams was born, and the screams of birthpains rose not from his mother but from the vocal chords of the unrelenting damned. At once all man remembered Pain and loss, the bilious sickness of Remorse, the press of Regret. At once, though it be forgotten...


{Wordtoid} "Secretary" has morphed its meaning a bit. Today it means an office administrator or assistant, or a clerk. It originally meant "one who deals with secrets", hence "SECRETary", and was extended to mean "one who deals with important things".


Oh dang, though. Bill Gates couldn't even get his own name without a bunch of junk numbers on his own email service. Rough.


{Wordtoid} It's back, but with a very simple entry: Hesitation. This word has never changed meanings, either figurative or literal, and has no roots beyond Latin nor any cognates. The end!


The dev of Everspace apparently spent 10,000 Euros for a streamer to promote the game who was a "fucking moron" according to the dev. I probably did a better job when I posted a video for 0 dollars. lol


That Andre the Giant documentary legit fucked me up. That era of wrestling is childhood and dreams and I owe it a lot.


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