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Smash Bros Oops All Fire Emblem


Soooo, I found something that I'm surprised I didn't know about. A perfect keyboard/mouse ROM hack for Perfect Dark. If you have the ROM on PC, then this special emulator lets you run it (and Goldeneye) with perfect PC controls at 60 FPS. (link inside)


Through the power of pure likability, Chris Moyse singlehandedly fixed the Disqus comments. I never knew he had the power.


This Disqus shit has to get fixed, it basically breaks my use of this website without a working notification system.


6 minutes into the new year. Gettin it started right


That feeling when youtube comments are working better than dtoid comments.


{Wordtoid} Admire and Admiral are not related, although it really would make sense if they were. Admiral comes from Arabic, meaning any military leader. It would later mean exclusively the highest rank of Naval Officer.


I started playing Trails in the Sky. It is such a good RPG that doesn't fuck it all up by being too clever or trying to reinvent the damn wheel. Exceedingly good videogame.


Dead week coming up at work. Bring Switch to office: Y/N?


Poll: if you had a choice between leaving work early or going in late, which would you prefer?


That's all Smash. The other two are FE and Octopath, but I really didn't get far in either.


woah, how did this album go by so unnoticed. Most of its tracks have way too few hits for the level of quality on display. edit: link in the comments



Tragedy: A particular yotube user who doesn't post anymore, but who I creeped on because their Liked videos were public and often very interesting, has made that playlist private. I actually found a lot of good music that way lol


Very rarely I find a youtube comment that ISN'T just a barf-job of some overused joke, but here's one of them: "Carlin is invoked by countless "politically incorrect persons" (the politically-correct term for 'fucking assholes')"


If RE3 remake is first person only, then honestly I'm probably not buying it. That just doesn't appeal to me. If it's just an option, then am back in. Here's hoping.


Still playing the RE3 uprez'd mod and a lot of the signage which was previously too blurry to read is now gloriously readable: 911 HOTDOGS!


In light of recent re3 news I've begun playing the HD mod of RE3 on Dolphin and it does look much improved. You can even swap on the fly between the mod and original.


As we begin to reminisce about 2019's games, let us not forget one of the indie standouts that I think is worth any avid game player's time right now for $6 on Steam. It's Eternal Castle Remastered. It's maybe 5 or 3 hours long. It is worth it.


I know a lot of people dread Thanksgiving because of the dinner convos with extended family. But my giganto italian family was never able to sit down at one table, so you sit with the people you like. Usually by age groups.


I have a thing to share about Death Stranding, which I will put entirely in the comments in case everything is spoiler.


I've got some thoughts about the new Watchmen show. Read ahead if you're caught up or don't mind spoilers.


{Wordtoid} The metal Nickel comes from a shortening of a German term roughly "coppernickel", which is like calling it "fool's copper". Nickel was a term for devils or tricksters, but properly traces back to the Greek goddess of victory, Nike.


Well, some site I go to has a security issue because I stepped away from my PC and came back to a bogus red "security alert" page that crashed my browser. I checked my history and I had been redirected to their site several dozen times.


Been replaying Grandia 3, and it was on my Meh List for so long, but something about this playthrough. This game is like... secretly amazing.


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