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Took a random plunge on a $15 dollar JRPG on Steam called Xanadu Next. It's a re-release from an NGage game (lol) and I actually enjoy it. It's a looty, grindy game. Controller support is a little wonky, but it works well enough.


You just ain't playing Satisfactory unless you got a spreadsheet going.


So you know how old people love putting ellipses everywhere? Like almost every text or DM they send has an inexplicable series of dots in it at some point? Like, wayyy more than three of them and sometimes even separated by spaces?


The opening 4 seconds of this H*R (after the sleigh bells) are now my new alarm tone. It's pretty good.


No, look at MY dog.


Yep, Midnight Mass is a good show. It's actually an incredible show, it's well beyond what I usually see on Netflix -- or most platforms, these days. It stirred in me a lot of emotions throughout, as any valuable work of art would do. Watch it.


I'm usually pretty conservative with hype but thanks to detailed video from the network test, I'm very confident in Elden Ring. Some more thoughts inside


Poor people got scratch-offs, middle income people got crypto and NFTs. It's the same crap.


Hot(poket) take, Monopoly isn't a bad game, it's just not the kind of game people expect. It's a deal making game. If you know when to call it early, it doesn't even last that long.


I just heard someone ask if a person's 6 year old is "post zoomer" while in the same conversation explaining how someone born in 1979 is an "old millennial". Do we not recall that "millennial" used to mean "people born near or after the millennium"?


It's time to chris. Hard.


This is so baby mode, but I'm proud of myself for figuring out a way to extract a username first.lastname from a record source into separate first and last name fields.


The older you are, the more parts of your body you gotta hold together when you sneeze.


I gather fromn the complete lack of mention here that few of us play Satisfactory? The recent update news for that game has me verrrry excite(d).


Ok, gimme some metroid puzzle help. Don't look if you assume it'll be a spoiler for any reason.


I am fumbling with the controls in Metroid in ways I don't normally do. It's got quite a lot to memorize. Some buttons you hold, some you tap, some you hold while taping others, some you hold while holding others. It's a lot lol


Metroid Dread sequence break, baybeee. Pic in comments, not really a spoiler.


I haven't said "this is really cool" outloud while playing a game in a long time since Metroid Dread. In a world full of sidescrollers, it's nice to see that a higher budget example can still stand apart in certain ways.


Sora strikes me more as a professional flex by Sakurai than a popular character choice. Not to say Sora isn't popular. I don't think any game in history will do what Smash Ultimate did.


Wow, a 15 second voicemail?? Who could it be?


So it's not the Roku gin people have been tempting me about, but it's still quite good. I wasn't sure if it would be a disaster, but it's actually a really good gin with a nice after taste of earl grey. Probably a blasphemy to purists but who cares.




Shoes indoors at home: Never? If it's not likely to cause a mess? If you have several guests, not just younger people and not just for like a party, do you insist they remove them or let them do whatever?


Thanks, youtube, please translate it for me. I don't understand.


Back on my Valheim bullshit. It's been the perfecf amount of time between sessions, so I'm really digging it all over again. And the additions are very good.


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