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Re-Arranging the Game...Music.

Some video game themes are perfect. They have the perfect blend of harmony, melody, and catchiness to instill within us a warmth that only music can provide. Like all music, however, you can have fun with it and mix it up a bit, re-arrang...


Plight of the Rural Gamer

The Plight of the Rural Gamer I live in a town in southern, central Texas (go ahead, get the jokes out of the way) and I like it here. Sure, our governor is an idiot, I'm surrounded by more idiots, and the education system isn't the best....


Pretty Fly (For a Kaz Hirai)

Let me preface this by saying I DO NOT have "BIAS" against Sony. This parody song just came from a weird idea while working, and how Sony hasn't had the best image as of late. Kaz Hirai fit really well in the song title, and I just went f...


P2 Press Start: The Night Amensia Was Changed

It all started with the above infamous video, where a guy was reduced to pure panic over Amnesia as his friends were doubled over in laughter through voice chat. It was then that I decided to get the game, and came up with my cunning pla...


A Poem for Destructoid

So this is something I'm going to spit-ball as I type. Is this a poem of love for a great site? Yes Is this one devoted to both editors and the people that have made me laugh over the years? Yes Is this a cheap cash-in? ...no...Nah, p...


The Secret Armory Gets My Knoxx Off

The 3 most wanted on Pandora...and Brick who is 1 dollar less on the most wanted list... Borderlands had a formula that was a stronger stimulant than a taint laced with cocaine: "Kill, Loot, Level, Repeat". With the Secret Armory, it st...


My Expertise: Luck, Sticky Grenades,& Rockets

Lady Luck...what a great, mysterious, and messed up force. Luck happens to also be my greatest ally in games, especially in open-world, racing, and first-person shooters. Combine those, and usually, my opponents are screwed. Not very rel...


A Hopeful List for Harmonix

Harmonix has brought out the best plastic controller music game, of all time. Guitar Hero can't even compare with it's 500 versions. However, one thing it has been lagging on is hard rock songs. So, Destructoid, I offer up my list of hop...


Destructoid: One of My Favorite Places

[Warning, wall of text] Few pictures will appear. Lately, I had been feeling that I was just "another user" on Destructoid. "Lost in the crowd" if you will. I probably still am. But damn it...tonight...I had fun. (Thirsty, but having ...


Red Faction: Guerrilla Fun Times List

I must say, this game is one of my favorites. I'm an explosion-holic, so this is right up my alley. Here are some events that have transpired in my play-through this far. Share your fun stories too! Post however you want, a list, dramat...


Left 4 Dead [Pre-Thoughts]

Well, we are approaching the launch of everyone (or at least 99%) of the gaming world's favorite new game, Left 4 Dead. While I know I will be staying up till 2AM (because I'm in Texas, and its being released Valve's time zone, so 12 PST i...


Left 4 Dead demo impressions and review

Alright, so if you don't know about this game, go to left4dead411.com or any other site for more info. Including this one. Ok, I'll wait till your done looking. You've see all there is to see? Great. I've been excited about this game s...


Left 4 Dead intro movie

If this thing could get anymore epic, I shall implode of pure ecstasy. if the above video didn't work, just go here. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/left4dead/video/6200402/left-4-dead-official-movie-1#


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Sup. I'm Thomas, or as I've become accustomed to the screen name I gave myself recently because I'm slightly unoriginal, Dr. Rockyowitz.

I just graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in English and a focus in Creative Writing. So here's hoping that gets me somewhere. I would love to work on writing for games on either the industry side, or for a website. Or, do the music for video games.

I play guitar and write a lot of music. So there's that, and you can check my stuff out at www.youtube.com/tomtom777otz
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