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It is now time... for some Bach. Sit. And listen.


Oh baby, today everything's coming up Melhouse.

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Well, even ol' Dr. Mel gets to have good days sometimes. Got a sizable promotion today. It nearly doubles my income.


My friend is a top tier PUBG player. Proof:


Ok, imagine a cartoon character doing the thing where their eyes suddenly poke out because they're surprised by something. Now imagine that happening very. slowly. I've been making myself laugh all day at that thought.


Melee pro Leffen won EVO and gave away portions of his winnings in protest of the unfair split that favors 1st place too much. That shitty Melee community, amirite?


Posted a c blog about the 5 new Smash characters and their observable moveset so far, plus some general speculation as to their playstyle. Give it a lookie-loo.


And here I am all hyped about that training mode, holy cow. That by far made me react the most. Time to get Back in the Lab Again.




{Wordtoid} Apparently last month there was a rash of misinformation about the word "tag" (as in the game) being an acronym. It super isn't. Acronyms are a relatively modern thing, not many exist before the 1900s.


After the announcement of all the old characters and basically no new ones for Smash Ultimate, I think we need to remember DLC is a thing. I'm fine with the roster as-is, but I know some folks were bummed.


I feel like dump. I want one of the beers I bought for this weekend, but I know if I drink it it'll just make me feel like Dump+


{Wordtoid} It doesn't look like the folks writing the "old English" in Octopath Traveler really knew what they were doing, from what I've seen of Ophilia's opening story. Lots of bogus old phrases that "sound" old like "lanthorn" for "lantern".


Humorolahraga sounds like the name of a minor prince of hell that presides over the tellers of tasteless jokes.


I guess this is a double post, but whatever: If you like pipe organ music and/or classical music or Bach in particular, do give this a listen. Listen even if you don't, at least the first bit. Very stirring stuff.




I'll run defense for competitive Smash all damn day, I've got a lot of practice. And without needing to shit on other games and the people who play them.


Have a fine weekend everyone. I don't say this often enough: Happy to be apart of this site.


Dear Japan: We need to talk about the definitions of the words Brave, Guts and Gear. See me after class.


I submit, to the ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Exhibit A: Nancy Reagan kissing Mr. T dressed as Santa Claus.


So I was going to post a C-blog about Smash Ultimate and all the things I observed through videos in the trailer and on the official site, but since they gave a ton of competitive players full access to the demo at E3, I think I'll just link this:


The setting of Sekiro doesn't interest me, but I LOVE the fact that From did what I've been hoping: Not just make another Souls/Bloodborne fan-service game. That shit's comfort food by this point, and that's fine, but they can do better and they did!


Thank GOD RE 2 remake isn't first person. That would have killed it for me.


Unlisted music on Nintendo's Smash channel (it's hosted on the official site, but through a weird embedded link that doesn't look like a youtube link). This one's pretty neat!


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