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Whenever I look up in a public bathroom and see a weird vent or a hole in a ceiling tile, I immediately think "that's where the perv cam is hidden"


What would you say you're unusually good at, either in games or real life. You dont need to be the best, just better than average. And don't lie or I'll know.


This is my lock screen, no fun allowed (real answer: I get sick of staring at the same thing and I'm too lazy to keep changing it so a plain black background is nice... also fuck bright colors on screens, ever)


We've really lost the thread on what the word meme used to mean, huh? Today it just means "image-based joke on the internet".


I connected my original NES to the same TV I used as a child. It had been many many years since any of this stuff was plugged in and turned on. Pics in the comments and a quick fun slowmo video of CRT magic.


Finished Timespinner. It's nice, but even I must remark that this game's story feels a little like Progressive Bingo.


Well gosh, I had no idea.


I would like it Dragon Quest Builders 2 came to PC, thanksthanksthanks


Vacation Mode: Enabled.


I used to wear this pocket watch before the clasp broke. I needed it for an old job that didn't allow cell phones and I still refuse to wear anything on my wrists.


Kirby inhalea a Ditto that's looking at another Kirby that inhaled a Mr. Mime


Honestly, part of the fun of my wordtoid posts is cramming in all relevant top-level info into 255 characters without relying on informal abbreviations. It might secretly be my favorite part of them.


{Wordtoid} Fast means both Quick and To Abstain From Food (e.g. Breakfast), but the root is the same: To Harden. This is easily seen in the word Fasten. Quick is derived on the notion of "running hard", the food sense comes from "hardening yourself".


What movie quotes do you say either out loud or in your head when certain things happen?




All of the recent (and very good) Metroidvanias haven't given a sense of fatigue for Bloodstained for anyone,I guess? Feels like that would be true for me, on some level.


For what it's worth (and this isn't a dig), but I missed this and others pointed out that Banjo-Kazooie's moveset is modeled off of Duck Hunt's. Meaning several of their normals (A moves) are identical or only slightly modified in terms of their animation


Dry Boo Wagooigiette Jr.


Just wrapped up a fairly lengthy Cblog post analyzing the Smash Ultimate trailer for both Hero and Banjo-Kazooie and their movesets. It's only a long scroll because of all the images I posted, I promise.


In case people didn't catch it, the DQ Hero is a semi clone of Link.


Oh, I see it's Disable Loading Images Friday


The Stadia stuff is priced too good. This stuff is going to fly, despite the bad infrastructure in the US. Also, "Stadia Base" sounds like the first thing to get dropped later on. It's an onboarding level of service for skeptics. It won't last.


World charting video game series only takes 21 years and no alternative to finally spend a lot of money on production values.


I hadn't realized until now that FF7 is full of several insipid, inscrutable minigames. I must have spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to march in that fucking line. Cool.


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