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I may be late to the party with this one, but the Age of Empires II soundtrack is up on Spotify. It’s the definitive edition, which I think has a remastered soundtrack, but it still bangs!


Decided to replay, and subsequently beat, Brutal Legend last night. What a special game that is, but just leaves me wanting more. Such a shame there’s nothing else like it.


I have a 16 hour drive this week, and not nearly enough music lined up to cover it. I see a lot of folks posting too 5 lists, feel free to augment here. Doesn’t have to be from this year. Hit me with recommendations!


That’s Metal Gear Solid 1 done. I enjoyed it, more than I thought I would. Terrible controls though. I have never liked PS dpads, and there were a few sections I was genuinely mad at for control issues. Good game design and a lot of fun challenges tho


I went back to MGS1 and am *mostly* really enjoying it. Only a couple sequences where the controls and camera make me curse out loud. And double fuck you turret at top of staircase landing I can’t get around. You’re just lucky I can’t aim in 3 dimen


Granted I’ve got an old TV & I’m playing on base PS4, but cyberpunk genuinely hurts my eyes to play. It doesn’t fit my screen, the text is mushy and hard to read. Not working out for me. I think I’m gonna hit them up for that refund, try it on pc


The balance has shifted and I now have a serious lack of video game art on my walls. Where do you all go for prints?


I just started playing Metal Gear Solid for the first time. This game is hard yo! Unless the object is to get spotted at every opportunity, in which case I'm doing great.


You know what I'd like for Christmas? A new Darkstalkers game. I'd also take Street Fighter X Darkstalkers. They have enough tie ins, including a new comic, all that's missing is a game. Come on Capcom! Do it!


Just finished Ghost of Tsushima after about 5 weeks with it. It's been a long time since a game genuinely impressed me and filled me with wonder. Truly something special. Play it if you can.


Hello Dtoid! My internet access remains poor, and time for video games all but non-existent, but I just wanted to check in and say hi. I hope you’re all doing well and plenty of cool video games news has happened to be excited about


Hey Dtoid! I’m working somewhere with no reliable WiFi right now, but just wanted to drop in and say hi. Hope you’re all doing well!


Good morning Destructoid. Get out there and punch life in the balls today!


PSA: Helldivers is pretty fun. Give it a try on the free weekend if you haven’t.


I finally got a new laptop! Hooray! Any suggestions for good software to throw on it?


Spooktober update: I finished Guacamelee, and it was excellent. I give it 10/10 skeletons. I haven’t 100% it though, so I may keep playing to do that


I started Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, but I just wasn't feeling it so soon after beating Super Castlevania IV. Noticed I had Guacamelee on my Wii U and booted that up instead, and I'm absolutely loving it. Spooktober continues!


This week's #arbitrarymetaltuesday is dedicated to a band I saw live the other week and are still stuck in my head. Very much more than the sum of their parts, they elevate what could have easily been a joke theme into a very strong band.


Spooky Games Month update! I finished Super Castlevania IV. It was indeed super. Next: should I play Castlevania Circle of the Moon or Harmony of Dissonance?


Heads up, it’s the last day of theyetee.com’s spooky designs. They have some pretty cool ones, including a Morrigan Darkstalkers one if you, like me, continue to delude yourself into thinking there will one day be another game. But this is my favorite


Thanks again to everyone for those gifs yesterday. It really lifted my spirits. Feeling a little better today, but still pretty immobile. Putting in some quality time with the 3DS


Happy birthday Mike! You put in a lot of work here, you deserve a vacation. How about Mexico? It sounds pretty nice


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