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Watchmen: The End is...?

<NOTE: after reading my first posted result, I did some revisions & additions. it's my hope that they help clarify the article> Soooooo. Watchmen: The End is Nigh. Up for 1600 MS Points on Xbox Live. What are my thoughts on it? ...


Intro Part 2 -- electric boogaloo

because HERE, we breakdance to save the community from whitey. Part 1 began in the forums. since i'm not a big fan of repetition today, feel free to go here to find out things like name and primary interests--though honestly, if you're l...


About Dok Industrialone of us since 11:33 AM on 01.21.2009

thee doktor is in, and here is your rundown.

the good:

the shmup,
the run & gun,
the first person shooter

the bad:

the licensed property,
the sports game,
the ill-advised, poorly-executed follow up

the ugly:

performance while platforming or
competing online
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