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Wait a got dang hot minute!


Right unlike ya know... purchasing platform exclusivity. Man I started off being okay with EGS exclusivity but Tim Sweeney is such an unlikable berk that I kinda hope it just bursts into flames at this point.


This seems like a cutscene out of Shakedown: Hawaii. "Why aren't we placing ads on pause screens!" Which by the way is a great game. I wonder when these bad boys will make their way into video games? Capitalism, it parodies itself folks.


Galatians 4:16


*surprised pikachu.jpg*


When the heck did Oculus jump up to like $800?!


When the heck did Oculus jump up to like $800?!


Hurray I did a name change on that there playstation account. My name is now on brand. I have acquired the final stage in my digivolution and am now MegaDinosir.


Idk if anyone here plays Smite, but I'm looking for people to play with. So HMU


Idk if anyone here plays Smite, but I'm looking for people to play with. So HMU


We're streamingthat magic tourney https://www.twitch.tv/megadinosir/


All 4 of you. Oops 3 of you. Forgot the bloke who spent 900 hours trudging through this momuent to critical failures, who we banned.


Get behind me SATAN!


Best S.A.S member was obviously Cpt. MacTavish #TeamSoap


Blizzard says they're going to slash 8% of their workforce. Dumbasses. They should be slashing of executive salaries. I'm not even saying this to be spiteful, like seriously it makes way more buisness sense to keep the people making your shit. Morons


So I finally fixed my low fps issue I've had over 3 years. Slow Mode Switch was on. Apparently my mobo comes shipped with it enabled by default. Fuck. My. Life.


wow I played a lot more games than I had thought.


So according to Bethesda, there's "No Truth" to the rumors of FO76 going FTP. Anyways thought I'd pass that along since I used it to push my anti-preorder agenda. BUT also:


This👏is👏why👏we👏don't👏pre-order👏games👏kiddos👏BTW this game has only been out for 3 months and two weeks in was selling for half price. I think this was always Bethesda's plan given their aggressive microtransactions but poor sales e


Started Pillars of Eternity last night. I haven't got far in but it seems really promising. I can be a druid which is awesome, and I can become a bear which is awesome. Also there's alot of options based on stats which is very DnD. So far pretty swell.


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