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Played Aftermath Y2K today. It's been a while. It was probably the closest I will ever get to going in blind. I was pleasently surprised how well it held up. There's somethings I'd tweak, & some rough graphics but overall I'm still satisfied with my work.


Says man who runs a company that's known mostly for buying games to be exclusively released on their platform.


Very important announcement regarding Ghostwire: Tokyo


The black ps5 looks quite familiar.


Nothing says Halo like Open World. I know a lot of people were very happy with the Halo Infinite reveal but I think it looked bad. Reminded me more of farcry than Halo. Maybe I'm just tired of Open World games but I'm disappointed.


*Changes a seemingly unrelated piece of code* *player now flys off screen at the speed of sound after getting hit with a car* #JustGameDevThings


Most game devs might focus on getting things like combat, dialogue and inventory systems early in development. I however, have chosen to invest my time in traffic ai.


So apparently there were listings on Amazon for the PS5 at €499 and €399 for the digital only. Which confirms my theory that the digital version would be made vastly cheaper to get rid of physical media. Basically what Microsoft tried last gen but sma


MFW a wild Tower Knight appears.


https://i.imgur.com/mbTNJp4m.gif Been working on a little game project. Something like gta meets zelda. I like the idea of having these 3D looking buildings with 2D character sprites. It's actually all done in a 2d engine using a neat trick.


Moving on up :D. Diamond here I come. Also I've started playing RL again... oops.


Alright ya'll who got turnip decent turnip prices. Mine are at 47 bells q%20


Wtf why she always be tryin to sell me turnips for over 100 bells. But they only sell for like 50 bells on my island.


Let's be honest there was only one name for an island with an island inside of it, and likewise there was only one flag... I give you my memesterpiece


I am the pinnacle of fashion


Lemme see dem passports Also my friend code is SW-8344-0831-9319


Workin' on a little 3Dish project :D


Casa del Dino. Bigger house comin tomorrow as well as a bigger museum. Also there's an island inside my island, I have thus named it Xzibitzey, meaning Xzibitz island.


Too. Much. Animal. Crossing.


Cleaning out the ol' PS4. Pretty sure the fan blades should be black 😐


Well I had pretty much zero interest in buying the FFVII remake, but after playing the demo I think I may pick it up when I've got the funds.


Are the kids still using this meme format?


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