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Let's be honest there was only one name for an island with an island inside of it, and likewise there was only one flag... I give you my memesterpiece


I am the pinnacle of fashion


Lemme see dem passports Also my friend code is SW-8344-0831-9319


Workin' on a little 3Dish project :D


Casa del Dino. Bigger house comin tomorrow as well as a bigger museum. Also there's an island inside my island, I have thus named it Xzibitzey, meaning Xzibitz island.


Too. Much. Animal. Crossing.


Cleaning out the ol' PS4. Pretty sure the fan blades should be black 😐


Well I had pretty much zero interest in buying the FFVII remake, but after playing the demo I think I may pick it up when I've got the funds.


Are the kids still using this meme format?


Legend of Mana has got to have one of the most well composed OSTs of all time. The songs are so unique & really elevate the environment and atmosphere. Everytime I listen to it I am wow'd. It truely is a masterpiece. So ya'll what's your favorite OST?


Bought me one of Dem psvr's for a hundo. Down side is the previous owner must've used it as an ashtray because it reeked. After fumigating it with rubbing alcohol it's now tolerable. The foam part was easy but the rubber part is a pain to rid of the smell


The True Fast Food tierlist!


Bruh I gotta call and ask for this dude Dick Wien (which is probably pronounced Dick Wine) and not giggle the entire time. I have to call and ask for Dick Wine. Being an adult is hard sometimes ya'll.


So I'm watching this spooky video on YouTube and I pause it to change the laundry and as soon as I pause it, my bloody TV starts reading off random numbers and Letters in this text to speech ass voice. Wtf?!


Switched over to that there Android. Still working out some kinks and such but overall I'm digging it and loving the open OS. Picture of my home screen. Took a long time to set up but it's finally "Lookin' Cool Joker!" Also yes my sounds are set to P5


If I somehow downvoted you, I assure you it was an accident and I'm sorry. I don't even downvote people. I find it more personal to just to tell you your waifu is shit.


Good https://twitter.com/MegaDinoSir/status/1211443443802750976?s=20


Saw that them there new star wars movie. I enjoyed it. But I'm not sure how I feel about. It was very... Disney. Expect spoilers in the comments.


Oh hey my game is on sale for a whopping 0.49 of the american monies. So if you've been waiting to buy it. Now's your chance. https://mattwillis.itch.io/aftermath-y2k https://store.steampowered.com/app/655360/Aftermath%20/


Wow didn't expect the number of games to be that high. Or the number of hours that low.


MSFT Employee: Sir, We don't have a design for the new xbox yet. What should it look like? Designer: Just make it look like a tower Employee: Done Designer: No, I meant a computer tower, not a got dang skyscraper. Forget it, we'll just go with it


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