DeS: IKEA takes on ... esports furniture?
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I'm just gonna drop this here. Night ya'll.


So I made a thing today. I changed the frame-rate of the game which made the player move super slow which on added to the hilarity.


accurate. Though they forgot the ask for more money option in FO4.


Because Limo and GM did it, I feel culturally obligated to post a collage of everything that interested me at E3:


Welp that's enough xcom 2 forever. Game is definitely not for me.


Fallout 76: Battle Royale!


Wait a bramin lickin' minute... Is vault tec run by aliens?! It all makes sense now.


Your Waifu is bad. Failure to comment to this "quick post" is equivalant to admission on the viewing party's account. The original poster, or OP is absolved of any obligation to comment as his post will herein count as a comment.


If ya'll want to see something funny then I recommend trying to play fifa 18 without internet. It breaks the game. Like it can't load. Even the single player. Even my controller inputs won't workπŸ˜‚. EA you're pathetic.


I got a puppy ya'll :3 His name is Pots Yes like from Jet Set Radio Don't judge me


oh hey waddup it's may 4th. Live long and prosper ya'll.


I haven't posted anything in a while so; here's a art from a side project I'm working on. It's a point and click game about a victorian detective who is stuck in the boonies trying to solve the murder of a women.


So after what was already a frustrating evening of lost progress; Fallout 4 decided that it would give me a glitch in which my fast travel didnt work. Then upon stealthily killing an NPC it auto alerted everyone in the faction. TGM enabled. Screw you.


Bunch of salty ass losers flagged my account because I beat them in a video game hahaha


Yooooo I guess we're getting a release date for dat der piderman game tomorrow. I had forgotten about it but like am instantly excited about it again!


I just accidentally Persona 5'd my life. Eating curry and drinking coffee.


Had me some mexican food for my birthday lunch. Finished up with some churros. Churros were frozen then microwaved :( How disappointing.


Played Minecraft for the first time in since they put horses in the game. It was great. I had forgot how therapeutic that game can be. Also GM and Limo were there. They named their dog after me. So O must therefore be a goodboye :D


Finally gettin some spring cleaning done and boy howdy is my place super dusty. I'm probably going to have to clean out my PC despite only having the case since September. It's no wonder I wake up and my sinuses are crazy. :p


So I've been working on a hand drawn style game with Spine 2D animation. While I'd rather hand draw every frame it's just not a possibility working in my free-time with a buddy. Overall while it isn't as good as it could be, I'm pleased with the results


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