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Made Gordeau in Soul Calibur Broken Destiny! Check this out, also features dumb characters too.


Woohoo! I made a compilation using a new video editor! Whatchu guys think?


Commission: Website Creation ***Repost***

Hello everyone,I have been a lurker for nearly 2 years of membership here; I wanted to see what this place was like. So far, I see a lot of wonderful ideas in production so I would love to help.I am creating my commission system and I ...


"Life flashes as fast as you can blink. So keep your eyes open the entire time."


Did I ever mention how much I love Street Fighter III second impact themes?


I have a steam key for 2 worlds epic edition. Anybody wanna trade for undernight st?


Changed my Youtube name to DiVISIVE Shinobi so people can have a better thought of who I am. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwlh7Qrbn7txyhD046yRsMA?view%20=subscriber Video unrelated btw


Anyone want a Machine With a Big Gun steam key? Key in comments


How come I can't CBlog? Whenever I try, it always says the page is removed...


hey, anyone want a steam key for Immortal Heroes? I got it but don't want it. I'll post it in the comments.


Hey guys, is anyone willing to pass me a steam key for UNIEL st? I really need to practice and i'm short on a few bucks I need to get blade strangers.


How do I add a mod to Sonic Mania Plus? The mod loader is only for sonic mania so I don't know what to do.


I finally edited my website I started years ago. What do you guys think? http://schoolwork186.wixsite.com/retroplayer


I went to the Samurai showdown V room on fightcade and saw nothing but Japanese players...


So i'm using gamekit and I tried to answer surveys to get points, are these legit? If so, how do they work???


Man MVC2 Has some real SHIT characters. Roll anyone?


Alright guys from this day forth i'll be away for summer. I'll be back in September, thanks for all the comments and support for my stuff guys!


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