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Futuristic Music time! For the best Futuristic racer! 2:36 is the final lap music for Outer Space: Meteor Stream


Edited the video to remove the ppsspp top bar, but again, heres Gordeau


New fighter! And you can see a mouse curser in it!!!


Made Gordeau in Soul Calibur Broken Destiny! Check this out, also features dumb characters too.


Woohoo! I made a compilation using a new video editor! Whatchu guys think?


Commission: Website Creation ***Repost***

Hello everyone,I have been a lurker for nearly 2 years of membership here; I wanted to see what this place was like. So far, I see a lot of wonderful ideas in production so I would love to help.I am creating my commission system and I ...


"Life flashes as fast as you can blink. So keep your eyes open the entire time."


Did I ever mention how much I love Street Fighter III second impact themes?


I have a steam key for 2 worlds epic edition. Anybody wanna trade for undernight st?


Changed my Youtube name to DiVISIVE Shinobi so people can have a better thought of who I am. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwlh7Qrbn7txyhD046yRsMA?view%20=subscriber Video unrelated btw


Anyone want a Machine With a Big Gun steam key? Key in comments


How come I can't CBlog? Whenever I try, it always says the page is removed...


hey, anyone want a steam key for Immortal Heroes? I got it but don't want it. I'll post it in the comments.


Hey guys, is anyone willing to pass me a steam key for UNIEL st? I really need to practice and i'm short on a few bucks I need to get blade strangers.


How do I add a mod to Sonic Mania Plus? The mod loader is only for sonic mania so I don't know what to do.


I finally edited my website I started years ago. What do you guys think? http://schoolwork186.wixsite.com/retroplayer


I went to the Samurai showdown V room on fightcade and saw nothing but Japanese players...


So i'm using gamekit and I tried to answer surveys to get points, are these legit? If so, how do they work???


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