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First time: Ew this is gross! What the hell is Ice-T doing here? Second Time: Okay, this isn't that bad Third Time: THE ILLUSION OF POWER


Did you know Kurt Victor Bryant - The man behind the soundtrack of "Valfaris" was once the bassist of a gothic metal band "Celtic Frost"?


Hello everyone! I am BACK. After A long ass Hiatus, I want to get back into action with a new C-Blog, but I don't know what to talk about. Any suggestions? Also, what have I been busy with? My own Discord server! Wanna join? https://discord.gg/AhS4aJn


Made A little poll for my channel: https://twitter.com/DivisionGaming5/status/1194057514972782593


Hey guys it's been awhile but i'm back. I'm going to make part 2 of best run 'n gun games soon. The theme will be "Platform and shoot" and a very new title will be on the list, can you guess?


Luminous Avenger iX is so fun! I uploaded the ost for those who wanna here it! Rest of the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgTOkNnK-z0M2Uhr55FpWNGuDbdXmZBCe


for those who play Killing Floor, I had no idea the most recent event had a opening!!


I just got into Warframe wondering what the hype is all about and now i'm a believer. The only problem, is that i need to save space, including removing Killing Floor 2 Mods.


Jump Scare Game: DOOM III

This one will be short. It's been sometime since I made a CBLOG and I still have plans of continuing my Run n Gun series(next one will feature Blaster MasterZero 2 and of course, more Contra). I have been very busy studying for exams a...


You guys, I updated my Azure Striker Gunvolt OST playlist, it's been getting a lot of views https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgTOkNnK-z0Nh8X8pOYo2Ie3s%20-R9


Who else is exited for Darli Dagger in Samurai Showdown?


Guys, Humble Bundle has Grid 2 for Free atm. Ends tomorrow btw. https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?refc=jzGbRC


Hello guys, sorry for my absence but i'm working on a fan game called F-Zero EX. I could use some help with Music and artwork. If you guys are educated in F-Zero gameplay and lore, I will happily accept help! Also, how you guys all doing?


Anybody know a good game engine dedicated to making futuristic racers?


In honor of Captain Falcon, also - if you ever played Kinetica(lookit up) then you'll love this track! 2:41 is the final lap theme for the track.


Sega: Sonic Fan games? Cool! We love you fans! Capcom: A Mega Man fan game? We'll help you guys! Sony: An emulator? Can we use it? Nintendo: STOP MAKING ROMS OR WE'LL SUE YOU FOR EVERYTHING NO MATTER HOW OLD YOU ARE!!!!


Jojo's Diamond is Unbreakable Live action... Cringe!!!


A playthrough for Sonic Mania, this is only part 1 however. If you like this playthrough please leave a comment on the youtube page for it and subscribe because I definitely will upload more :)https://youtu.be/FfSFiOW7aFE


Futuristic Music time! For the best Futuristic racer! 2:36 is the final lap music for Outer Space: Meteor Stream


Edited the video to remove the ppsspp top bar, but again, heres Gordeau


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