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Went to a friend's house and played Paper Mario on her N64 for the first time ever. Went home and after some research I saw I could play it on the WiiU and bought it before that online store closes forever and I have really been enjoying it!


What is one video game that you like that everybody else hated especially critics? Mine is Time and Eternity. Super flawed and repetitive but I love the style. If they made a game like this really really well it would be groundbreaking.


I have Legend of Heroes Trails In the Sky 1 and 2 Plus Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2 on my Vita. Wish there was a collection of those on the Switch. Would like to play them before playing Cold Steel 3.


Oh Major Tom's Coffee Cup....That Samurai Champloo CD started my obsession with Nujabes...RIP you musical fucking God. Loops of Goodness to all.


Ahiru no Sora is only my 3 favorite Basketball Anime after Slam Dunk and Kuroko's Basketball.But it's running away with these opening tracks. Season 1 features The Pillows, but Season 4 has a straing banger from Acidman.


I officially quit facebook today. It used to be this fun thing back in 05. At some point it became a conservative boomer space to spew hate and racism. Fuck it. I'm happier here and I shouldn't have been neglecting dtoid in he 1st place.


Was super excited the last few days playing a great game on my Raspberry Pi and now it won't load my latest savestate or even make new save states.....WHYYY??? :( Gutted....


No one will ever be able to convince me that digital media is better than physical media due to BS like this.


Finding out I might need an expensive new TV to play an expensive PS5.... I'll probably have to wait a few years. Not ready to plunk down 1000+ dollars...


Glad to see that the actress who plays Rukia in bleach got an acting gig in seven deadly sins.


Stepped into a GameStop for the first time since the pandemic started to see if I can get a copy of ghosts of tsushima and they only had copies for the people that had pre-ordered. Then they wonder why people hate them. The employee was blaming Sony.


Playing through GTA Vice City. This fucking guy Hilary! Cheating fucker. The cops only chase me and he uses a cool muscle car while I get some grandpamobile. FUUUUUCK THIS MISSION!


Did my man Party Pete...I mean G√ľnther get banned from Twitch and Discord?? Oh nvm, it was Dr. DisRespect. Nothing of value was lost.


I beat Horizon Zero Dawn again, 100% again. Well, I have never played The Frozen Wilds. Anyone recommend?


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