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Well, just tried to get a PS5 at 3PM on the dot like Walmart said and my computer almost caught fire. Womp womp, fuck you too.


Playing through legend of heroes trails of Cold steel 3 and the parallels between Donald Trump Marquis Ballad... Including his refusal to abdicate his Dukedom are uncanny.


Afraid of trying to get a PS5 today because it always looks like launch day consoles are basically the worst of the batch and plagued with issues. Meanwhile I have a huge backlog of great PS4, Switch, hell even original XBox (TJ&EIII) and PS2(Burnouts).


COVID TESTS CAME BACK NEGATIVE! Both Mrs. Ein and I. This day just keeps getting awesomer.


Trump supporters are definitely a collection of cursed images. I'm sure they were excited to put "Sore Loserman" bumper stickers in their cars back in 2000. What goes around comes around I suppose because they seem to be the sorest of all losermans....


Had to get tested for COVID-19 today along with Mrs Ein. Stupid Trump supporters refused to wear masks at Early Voting and now Mrs. Ein and co-workers are in quarantine. So far we feel fine and hope for a negative test. Please send positive vibes.


Dear Republicans, If you lose the president elect won't make fun of you, minorities, the handicapped, or women. If we lose, all of the above plus sow more division by vouching for Proud Boys etc. Please, just try again next time and nominate kindness


Trump is racist and has severely mishandled the pandemic. Dad said there are people who have had multiple family members die of COVID that would rather vote for Trump no matter what because they rather die than have a Democrat win. :/


They really like to hammer into your head how beautiful every woman is in Trails of Cold Steel 3. Ok we get it, can we talk about another quality? Ffs


Playing legend of heroes trails of Cold steel 3 and it's been fantastic except for the fact that they keep shipping Agate (28) with Tita (16). Goddamit Japan You bunch of pedos.


So far enjoying trails of Cold steel III. Have any of the day 1 issues of 4 been resolved or addressed?


Well, just popped in Trails of Cold Steel III 2 hours ago and had I known it had all of the lore in the start menu (which I spent 2 hours reading and recapping) I wouldn't have spent all that time trying to do that stupid post game dungeon on ToCS2.


Is Inquisitive Ravenclaw around? Help buddy! HOW LONG IS THE REVERIE CORRIDOR AT THE END OF TRAILS OF COLD STEEL 2????


Sooo. Apparently the only way to play Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky ch 3 is on my laptop. I made an account on Humble and am wondering if such games go on sale often as I want to buy all 3 TiTS games but can't shell out the 80 dollars for all 3.


Every time GameStop. I guess things are really really bad for them when they only have one person working and this is a second time in in a row I've come to this GameStop where that sign is on the front door...


Went to a friend's house and played Paper Mario on her N64 for the first time ever. Went home and after some research I saw I could play it on the WiiU and bought it before that online store closes forever and I have really been enjoying it!


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