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Pretty sure it's been asked before but...is there a way to avoid being logged off the website randomly? It happens to me every 10 days or so


Covid cases are on the rise again here,the hospital I work at is not handling it well, again. I foresee interesting times ahead of me.


Haha yeah who needs money anyway


Be still my beating heart


Managed to try Star Wars Squadrons for half an hour this weekend, it's a blast to play in VR, and I didn't even feel sick. Then it got stuck on a loading screen after the first mission and the fun ended.


What the hell were they thinking? Throttle and roll on the left stick, yaw and NON INVERTED pitch on the right? At least the controls are customizable thankfully


Well what can I say except FUCK YOU THESEUS


You win guys, I caved and bought hades. Now to find the occasion to actually try it out..


Naughty dog released a bunch of gifs of memes remade in the tlou engine and I love them https://giphy.com/naughty%20/the-last-of-us-part-ii/the-last-of-us-day-2020


Well aware of the hypocrisy of talking about something only to tell how much you don't care about it, I wanted to give a huge thank you to the dtoid staff for not writing an article everytime someone at epic or apple sneezes


According to playstation blog, demon's souls and destruction all stars will launch at 79.99€ in Europe... That's about 94 dollars for you folks overseas


We still doing #OPtoid ? Because I forgot to post my favourite opening of all time


Looks like gods&monsters might have been renamed due to a dispute from monster energy https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-09-15-gods-and-monsters-name-was-contested-by-monster-energy-legal-documents-reveal Should have named it gods&g-fuels


Really want to create a backloggd account but I'm afraid that actually seeing the size of my backlog will make me rethink my life choices. Several years as a game store clerk left me with A LOT of impulse purchases


Just gave a try at that avengers beta, does anybody else's ps4 sound like a jet taking off while playing it? I mean I know the pro is loud but at some point I was afraid it was gonna blow up


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