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I've been linked a survey regarding the future of legacy of kain, will link it in the comments (it looks legit)


The election results are in and...I foresee a miserable time ahead


I don't understand what's going on with bread and at this point I'm too afraid to ask. Also today I turned 41 and feel old as shit


I just saw the trailer for the suikoden remakes, suikoden was my first JRPG a my eyes legit welled up a little


Getting some chaos legion/astral chain vibes. I can't wait to play it! Edit:age gated booooo!


You heard it here first fellas:bayonetta 3 demo out right after the direct! Source: I'd really love if they did it, it would be rude not to since I'm asking nicely


WHAT'S IN THE B-oh wait... (it was 66% off, how could I say no?)


In the end, the megadrive mini 2 is available for preorder on amazon without having to get it from Japan. But 110€ is a bit too much so it's staying where it is


Oh hey remember how I always tell everyone to play a short hike? You can now own it physically on switch thanks to super rare games! Sadly due to budget constraints and brexit shenanigans I won't be able to :(


Blatantly stealing a post I saw on reddit to remind everyone that bayonetta 3 comes out in 69 days


After 1 month of customs and having to pay taxes twice it's finally here!Ended costing me almost twice the sell price. I don't think I'll be buying from the UK in the foreseeable future, thanks brexit! P.S. PLAY SUPERLIMINAL


Pictured:me posting a video about a model building game which leads to Seymour finding another model building game which leads me to trying the demo for said game. Like I don't already have enough time wasters


It's finally raining, is bueno.


I still can't believe that we have the honour of having the actual Charlton Heston among our ranks! Happy birthday!


Stumbled upon this on youtube, I think it checks a few marks for a few folks here. I tried downloading the game but sadly my laptop wants to melt itself when I run it


It's happening!


The jotnar edition for god of war came and went on gamestop in a matter of minutes. I had no interest but it's a stark reminder of the state of videogame collecting these days. Not only this stuff is overpriced,you've gotta fight hordes of scalpers too


A listing for a physical release of psychonauts 2 has been spotted on Amazon Germany,releasing sept 27th. I hope it gets officially confirmed soon


Occams is that you?


Now I don't know who this lady is, or why youtube insisted so much that I learn how she got into gaming, but for some reason I really liked her tale. Imagine finding out you're a weeb at the ripe age of 60-something


New (non)E3, new pregame discharge!


I (badly) made this and I'm gonna post it every time Nintendo does a direct without her


Why yes I do love autoplaying videos in the middle of the page with reviews from the escapist, preceded by ads! I especially love them when I'm browsing with my limited data cellular 4g router!




To whom it may concern,there's a demo for jojo all-star battle live on the psn store


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