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The game awards taking a page out of my sex life. Ending with awkward disappointment


RE3 remake April 3 2020. Going to need that, yes please. RIP wallet Spring 2020


Continuing down the rabbit hole...Trails of Cold Steel 2 up next


I pooped this morning! Be jealous


Playing Trails of Cold Steel. I think I'm going to need to get Trails of Cold Steel 2. And then probably 3. Down the rabbit hole I go


Happy birthday Chris Moyse! I always love your articles bro and keep it up. Also just so you know, you are legit one of the nicest people ever. Always worried about everyone here. I'd do anything for ya man.


The Outer Worlds is Chef kissing his fingers gif. Outstanding. Standing ovation for Obsidian


Got it. I came


I'm about 12 hours from having The Outer Worlds. Schwing!


I need The Outer Worlds in my veins right now


Playing through The Evil Within 2 as my Halloween game. Although come Friday it's The Outer Worlds all the time boi!!


There will be beer tonight and there will be drunken video games later


When you realize The Outer Worlds is a little more than a week away


Created a new character in Bloodborne to try and join the "Return to Yharnum" event. About 5 minutes in I realized any skills/interest I had in Souls games has apparently been transferred to wanking it




Happy my wife has tolerated me for 6 years day!


Serious post time. October is breast cancer awareness month. This hits home for me. Make sure you take it seriously folks and have the women in your lives check themselves. It's sooo important. My wife is a survivor because she caught it early.


My word. I love Tales of Vesperia. The battles are an organized chaos that I love and the characters I adore. Just fantastic


#selfietoid my one eyes is a bit puffy from damn allergies


Hi I'm Dere, I have a Jrpg addiction


I am most definitely in love with Tales of Vesperia


Happy Monday


Tales of Vespiria or Tales of Berseria...go


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