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Hell yeah! I managed to get the Homebrew Launcher up and running on my New 2DS, meaning that I can bypass the console’s region lock. Now I just need to wait for my CE of the Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya game to arrive.


Here's yet another track for #WhyNotMetalWednesday. I first checked out this band when I was in high school out of morbid curiosity after I was told that the frontman is Nicolas Cage's son. Turns out that he's a pretty talented vocalist!


You know what? I'm going to post another track for #WhyNotMetalWednesday. Have some Australian Blackgaze (think: Black Metal meets Shoegaze — it's quite pretty!) with some elements of Electronica thrown in for good measure. Kinda long, but excellent.


Well, my copy of Shin Godzilla arrived today. Just finished watching it and my gods, that film was excellent. I absolutely adore Godzilla's new design, and the scene where it unloads its atomic breath for the first time was visually gorgeous.


All right. So does Splatoon 2 take people from your friends list into account when it does its matchmaking? Because I'm noticing some very familiar and Dtoid-y names in some of my games.


Splatoon 2 is pretty fun so far. Doing a lot better now that I've got my hands on the Splat Dualies. They're what I was best with in the beta. I'm still shit, mind.


Welp. Ordered in the Undertale Collector's Edition for Vita, and I picked up a copy of Umaru-Chan on Blu-Ray with a rather cute little figure. My bank account is weeping right now.


Oh my gods. Given that the FFXII PS4 port is 40GB in size, I'm pretty damn thankful that I managed to pick up a 2TB HDD for that console, even if I'm starting to wonder if that still wasn't enough. Blargh.


So, I've spent the last three days playing Final Fantasy XIV. It's been pretty fun so far. Getting a hang of the controls, although I feel a Bluetooth keyboard for my PS4 would be super useful to have on hand. Could see myself getting hooked. Save me.


Oh good god. I was playing Mario Kart 8 with my 3 year old niece. She suddenly starts laughing and saying "I'm gonna kill you! I'll throw turtle shells until you die and never come back!" I think she's become an angry gamer stereotype.


Planning to pick up Final Fantasy XIV again. Just got access to my account after not touching it for two years and realising I still had an authenticator attached to it (oops). But then I realised that I can't think of a name for a new character. Dammit.


Well, I found a copy of the new Ayreon album while I was out today. Immediately purchased it. No regrets. This is glorious.


Had to look after my niece. She spots the colourful Joy-Cons in my hand when I'm playing Zelda, and decides that she has to inquire about them. Suddenly, I find myself teaching her how to play Snipperclips. Sure, she understood none of it, but it was cute


More BotW Master Mode shenanigans: I carefully plan out a way to take down a Bokoblin camp. It works. They all die. One problem: one of them set the weapon I was after on fire, and it burned out. My other weapons broke during this assault. Dammit.


Ten minutes ago: "Oooooh, the new Zelda DLC is out. Let's check out Master Mode." Now: "THERE ARE LYNELS IN THE TUTORIAL AREA! OH GOD, WHY?" The Lynel then proceeded to burn me to death. Welp.


Just as a heads-up for Australians: EB Games may not be listing the SNES Classic on its website anymore, but JB Hi-Fi is still taking pre-orders.


Prompto did a great job of capturing the very moment when Gladio revealed himself to be The Thing.


Aw. So I found out that Final Fantasy XV won't let you use the kickass monster truck that was recently patched in if you've still got Aranea in your party. So yeah. Aranea or monster truck shenanigans. Shenanigans ultimately won out.

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