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ARMS was pretty fun. Until Twintelle is playable in the full release, Min-Min holds the title of best girl. As someone who doesn't really play fighters, I enjoyed how easy it was to pick up and play, though!

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Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles looks like it's shaping up to be an enjoyably adorable romp

Earlier this week, I got a chance to sit down with two representatives from a local independent games studio by the name of Prideful Sloth to have an opportunity to check out their upcoming open-world adventure game for the PS4 and PC --&nb...   read


Oh, we're posting covers of Pokemon music now? Have a Chinese Folk Metal band covering the Gym music from Red and Blue.


Alien: Covenant was all right, but it has some extremely glaring flaws. Pretty much what I expected, and I enjoyed it for what it was. Feels more like Prometheus 2 with some Alien thrown in for good measure

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Review: NieR: Automata - 3C3C1D119440927

Anyone who has spoken with me in the past couple of months would know of my absolute adoration for NieR: Automata. In fact, it’s very likely that I’ve become unhealthily obsessed with it. To say that I regard it to be one of the...   read

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(Update) Darksiders III is in the works, according to a leaked Amazon listing

[Update: Well, it's official. IGN has now added the official reveal trailer for Darksiders III to its YouTube channel. You can check it out at the end of the article.] As of late, it's been coming across as if THQ Nordic ...   read


Wow. I'm super glad that I picked up Persona 5 when I did, as it's no longer available on the websites of any major Australian retailers. Not unexpected of an Atlus game -- especially since it's Persona -- but that's still pretty brutal for late-adopters.


Oh my goodness. Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse has finally clicked with me. I just needed to wrap my head around the game's negotiation system, which I found to be just that bit easier to understand after Persona 5. This is pretty great, I have to say.


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The underwhelming contents of a seemingly-unopenable chest in Breath of the Wild have at last been revealed

Between Breath of the Wild's Aris Beach and Clarnet Coast lies an unassuming, yet somewhat mysterious, chest. At first glance, it appears to be just like every other metallic chest that's submerged underwater, although this one al...   read


Am I really about to replay Persona 4? Really? Oh god, will I ever be seen again, should I continue down this dark path? Send help. I adore this game, and I now feel compelled to go back to this one after beating P5. But it's long. So long. So very long.


Oh my goodness. So, I picked up the recently-released Kingdom Hearts collection for PS4. Despite having not played the first game in well over a decade, it still looks absolutely gorgeous.


Well, I started replaying NieR: Automata again last night, having beaten Persona 5 a few days ago. I'm still of the impression that the former will likely be my GOTY for this year, although the latter is still incredible. 2017's been amazing for gaming.

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Review: Paradigm

Paradigm is a game that asks the player to contemplate some tough philosophical quandaries. Its story, which revolves around the concept of genetically engineering perfect prodigal children for the wealthy ruling class, forces the play...   read

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Hey! Listen! Breath of the Wild's latest patch is out right now

If you happen to boot up either your Wii U or Nintendo Switch with the intention to play the latest instalment in the Zelda series, you may notice that there is a new update available for it. According to Nintendo's incredibly vag...   read


Fun fact: There is actually meant to be a bridge here. It's not very visible right now.


Awesome! My copy of Disgaea 5 for the Switch arrived the day after I finished NieR: Automata's main endings. Yay for import copies of games that still have full English language support.


Well, I've now finished Ending C of NieR: Automata. I'm really, really loving this game. Holy crap, 2017's been insane and amazing for gaming so far. This, Breath of the Wild, Gravity Rush 2... too many incredible games.

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Review: I Am Setsuna (Switch)

Last year, we saw the release of I Am Setsuna for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Much like one of Square Enix's other recent role-playing games, Bravely Default, it was an attempt by the publisher to provide an experience somewhat...   read


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