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Just for a nostalgia kick, I started playing on RuneScape's 'Oldschool' servers. I immediately began cutting down trees to amass enough income to fuel my love of cosmetic gear. I've yet to level anything else up, but at least I've now got a fine pimp hat!


Well, I suppose it's up to me to start off the first #ArbitraryMetalTuesday for 2018 the right way. Have a track from Portal's upcoming album. Portal is easily one of the harshest and most... unique... bands in my library, but I'm pretty excited for ION.


This just arrived today. It's... it's truly special.


While I’m waiting for horrifically awkward family-related Christmas stuff to happen, I’ve just been laying on the couch watching Berserk with a beer and a cat. This is preferable. Berserk, beer, cats, and air-conditioning is my ideal Christmas.


Well, that's a little disheartening. I tried to boot up NieR: Automata, but was immediately greeted with a message saying that my DLC content wasn't found, despite it being on my PS4 HDD. So I reinstalled the DLC. No dice. Reinstalling the full game now.


I know that it’s fun to tease Torchman, but he really is a fine fellow. I mean, he may like puppies! It’s not entirely confirmed yet, but it’s a possibility! For that reason, #TorchmanAppreciationMinute should be a thing. Because he may like puppies


For this #ArbitraryMetalTuesday, I shall share some Mayhem. I'm actually going out to see these guys play De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (probably their best album) in its entirety next month! Then two days after that, a Prog Rock/Metal festival. Ha!


So, here's a quick PSA. The original Steins;Gate is currently discounted on the App Store. In English and everything. It's still a little expensive for an iOS game (around $12), but it's definitely worth playing if you're into VNs.


Just saw the new Star Wars. Yeah, it really is a huge step up from Rogue One and The Force Awakens. I can definitely see where these glowing reviews are coming from. God damn.


Finally bothered to resubscribe to PS+ for that Monster Hunter beta. It's nice to see that PSN downloads are working surprisingly well for once!


Bayonetta 3 exists and From Software teased what’s either a new Shadow Tower or Bloodborne 2. I cant even mock The Game Awards this year. That’s too fucking cool.


Holy fuck, yes. Australia finally legalised marriage equality <3.


My new router finally arrived today. It's already a huge improvement in terms of Wi-Fi performance, given that I was previously struggling to get 60 megabits a second when in my bedroom.


Yay! Fate/Apocrypha is finally watchable in Australia. Or at least, the first half is. Because Netflix. Still, it’s certainly enjoyable. Astolfo is clearly the best thing about this series so far.


I just unlocked an incredibly fucking adorable weapon in Xenoblade. I really want to see if I can put it to use, because gah. So cute. So, so cute. Pictures in the comments.


Welp. I’ve already put around four hours into Xenoblade Chronicles 2. So far, it’s pretty great!


Ooo. Xeo’s doing #WonderfulMetalWednesday? All right! I suppose I must join in! Have some Ne Obliviscaris, a Prog/Black Metal group from Melbourne. Already seen them live, but I’m seeing them again early next year. They put on a damn good show.


I know this is a little political, but it’s good news and it makes me super happy. Australia’s senate has passed a bill that puts us much, much closer to having marriage equality in this country. Holy fuck, yes! <3~


Square Enix needs to make a Hatoful Boyfriend-like dating sim starring Prompto and a collective of charming chocobos. I would play the shit out of it.


I also saw Justice League today. It might be the second best DC movie (behind Wonder Woman), but my god was it messy. It was also unintentionally hilarious at times, as Steppenwolf’s CG gets progressively worse as the film goes on.


Holy crap. Ultra Space in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon is insane. Within the past two days, I've found three separate Shiny Pokémon.


I may have initially Homebrewed my 3DS so I could play imported games, but I find myself using it more for taking screenshots. It's just such a useful feature, especially since Miiverse has been shut down.


I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.


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