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2sexy4PAXcast: Episode 1

So while just about damn everyone was out getting their faces melted by what was evidently the best PAX ever, there were some people who couldn't be there. Some people who were left behind. But cry not for us, gentle readers, for our abse...


Music review: MC Frontalot's Zero Day

Nerd rap extraordinaire MC Frontalot's new album, Zero Day dropped this week, and naturally, I picked up a copy at my earliest convenience. I've listened through the thing quite a few times now, and feel comfortable reporting my thoughts to...


PAX EAST: Updating you on WHY YOU CARE

So it's been a while since I've seen any real PAX East love on the c-blogs. It's almost as if people don't think that this party will be every bit as awesome as PAX Prime. Well, I tried to tell you before, but that was a while ago, and the...


Quickblog: No, I didn't work on FlOwer.

Have you played FlOwer? I haven't, because I don't have a PS3, but that hasn't stopped people from asking me about the game. See, as it turns out, a member of the team that developed the game, specifically, the 3D artist, has a name that's ...


Beta Impressions: Heroes of Newerth

Quick primer for those who are not familiar with Heroes of Newerth: It's the incredibly popular Warcraft III mod, Defense of the Ancients, but built on a brand new, custom-made engine and released as a standalone game by developer S2 Game...


PAX EAST: Five great reasons to start caring TODAY

Okay, yeah, I get it, people are extremely excited about PAX, which is awesome. PAX is great. It has been great, and it's only getting better. With only a scant few months to go before the event, announcements like Ron Gilbert's keynote and...


Mega Man 9 rap remix album? Yes, please.

I am so glad I found out about this guy. Raheem Jarbo, aka Random Beats or just Random, is an Arizona-based hip-hop artist slash school teacher who also happens to be officially licensed by Capcom. After a few legitimate rap albums, Random...

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How to not look like an idiot in Left 4 Dead

Okay, so I'm sure that by now you know the basics about how you're not supposed to act while playing Left 4 Dead, and you know that it's not quite your traditional shooter. So you're aware of how to not be a complete doucherocket, but I'm...


Finally: Jack Thompson officially Disbarred

This time it's cereal: reposting epic gif Yeah, we all heard last month when the ruling was handed down on our old friend JT, but as you'll recall, the silver-haired menace was given 30 days to close up shop and finish up business with hi...


Nerdcore Alert: New MC Front album available NOW!

Well, here's a pleasant surprise for your weekend. For the past few weeks, Nerdcore Hip-Hopster darling MC Frontalot has been teasing his fans with trickles of information regarding the release of his third album, Final Boss, the title t...


A Cast of Thousands: The Merchant (RE4)

Resident Evil 4 is without a doubt one of the greatest games of last generation. Capcom bravely took one of their strongest franchises and brought it into what was then the next gen, revolutionizing the formula to which the Resident Evil ...


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I'm Danl. My twitter is @DanlHaas. I'm not planning on using this here blog for too terribly much (post-con picture dumps, primarily), since I write for DualShockers, but I hang around here a lot for the forums, Dtoid Midwest (which I run with the very sexy Jon Bloodspray), and The Alcoholocast, the community podcast Allen Park and I run.

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