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Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is done. Much better than the original, but also not as... original. Also it gets points for being the first game in a very long time to crash my gfx drivers and corrupt them entirely! Def skipping Cartel, so Gunslinger next


Just watched the Animal Crossing direct. Just when I think I'm out... I'M GOING ALL IN! This looks great! And is that Redd I see on Harv's Island?! Does this mean... does this mean I'll finally finish the art collection for once?!


Like I said, the OLED showed up on Tuesday after I got out of work, not the day they said they'd deliver it (last Friday!). Anyway, it's a beaut! I've never done a system transfer but I'm assuming the best way is to just link my account and redownload?


I've got about 95 games in my Steam backlog category. Trying to knock out some of the low-hanging fruit. Playing the first Call of Juarez game and I'm halfway through it. This is a weird ass, ugly, hard to play game! What's accuracy anyway?! Who knows?!


Finished MercurySteam's "other" game - Lords of Shadow 2! I didn't hate it! And I didn't love it either. It was just OK. Sure the story was goofy, but the trilogy of games kept me mildly amused as a sort of 'what if' version of Castlevania. DLC is next.


Dread showed up but I wanted to try it on the OLED, which was shipped via FedEx where scheduled delivery dates are a suggestion at best. It's a three day weekend, so I'm sure the thing will show up on Tuesday after I get out of work!


Just finished up Castlevania Curse of Darkness after a pretty long hiatus. Glad I did! Despite the lack of any real verticality in the level design, it feels like the closest thing the series has had to a true 3D realization of the core gameplay. Loved it


Another Castlevania down! Dracula X Chronicles finished (with the good ending). Definitely prefer the original over this fairly bland 3D remake. It's still my favorite Classicvania under the hood though! That just leaves whatever is left of CoD and LoS2.


Since it's Spooktober I'm mopping up any of the Castlevania games I either skipped or didn't finish years ago when I did my series run. That's Chronicles, PSP 3D Rondo, Curse of Darkness, and LoS2. Just finished Chronicles. Crazy game. Strange music!


Aria is done! 1 hundo map, all the enemy souls, and Chaos dead. A couple of those souls were a pain to get, but overall I had fun finally getting everything in the game, which I've never done before. The only achievements left are the replay ones, ugh.


200% and all that furniture plus the good ending. I realized what it is about the soundtrack to HoD that I like - it uses the GBC chip to save on processing speed! I've always had a soft spot for the GB/C sound. Just Aria left now.


That was fun! Fuck the battle arena though. Got all the DSS cards too! (thanks rewind!) While I don't normally achievement hunt, this and the last CV collection give me the urge. Although I'd have to play this again in magician mode for the last one. Nah.


Dracula X is fine, actually (I've played it before). Better than I remember and that rewind feature makes the final boss WAY less annoying. OK, easy game in the collection out of the way - on to the GOAT! CotM, my first ever Castlevania game. The memories


Sekiro Journal: The Demon is lactose intolerant - no cheese necessary. Ded. Now it's just me and the Sword Saint.


Sekiro Journal: Owl 2 dead (on first try after day off! Classic From). Dragon Dead. All mini-bosses dead (all beads). Now it's just "totally not a Dark Souls Boss" Demon, and the final boss. This Demon thing... ugh. Got him to final phase but yikes! HELP!


Finished Battlefront 1 and 2 (the classic ones) and I had a fun time with the campaigns. 2 was definitely better than 1, but 1 had its charms for sure. Looking at the breadth of Star Wars related video games, I'm damn near close to having played them all.


Sekiro Journal: Owl 2... oh... no...


Sekiro Journal: Ok, enough for the weekend. Owl man ded. True Corrupted Monk ded. I swear I felt like Neo at the end of the Matrix on that Monk fight. WHO'S NEXT!? Also Capcom, my proposal: Complete, global saturation. Do it.


Sekiro journal: 24 hours in. Just killed monke 2 and his friend. Feeling like I'm approaching the final act of the game. Definitely gonna have post-game sads after finishing this. Maybe I'll need to return to Bloodborne after and finally finish it?


Sekiro journal: I see that monkey in the distance... do I...? Nah. But maybe?


Took a break from Driver: San Francisco but I just went back to it last night and finished it up. That's a wrap on the entire series, and honestly what a crazy way to end it! The game shouldn't work as well as it does, but somehow they made it fun. Crazy.


I think my living room "console killer" HTPC is complete. After mulling it over for almost a year, I've finally added USB ports to the front. This was absolutely not a trivial task - making rectangular holes in anything is never easy. Hours of filing!


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