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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology - done! Great story, decent combat. A little too long (took me 60 hours to get the real ending) but the characters and narrative made it all work. Next 3DS game: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, as I begin this series.


Tropical Freeze is done! 100%. I'll save Hard Mode for a rainy day. Best ten dollars I ever spent. Now to get back to Radiant Historia before Hyrule Warriors comes out.


I would have paid $69 for Tropical Freeze. Discuss.


Lurking in the shadows... but still here. BTW I'm nearing the end of Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. What an interesting RPG! I really don't enjoy the combat (bosses can be fun but the randoms suck) but the Story is great. Love the time travel!


In the immortal words of Daniel Plainview: I'm finished.


The B-Sides in Celeste are the real game. I don't think there's a better platformer out there...


Oh Celeste you minx. Conquered your summit and your core. My thumbs need a rest before I play your B sides and C sides. #Phrasing


Resident Evil 7 done! What a crazy ride! I sort of love how it was totally and utterly different, and yet somehow EXACTLY the same as all the old games. It felt a lot like 1 too! Now to make sense of the DLC and what order everything should be played in.


Just did my first Celeste B-Side (the one for the second level). I think I'm in love!


I finished Minit in a hot minute (seriously, I bought it this morning and had it done in about 2 hours). 110% complete... I'll do NG+ some other day. Highly recommended! Itching for more, I finally bought Celeste! Holy shit guys this is good!


I'm happy I played Bayo 1 before I restarted 2 on Switch! My final ranks were a whole lot of stones... but on Bayo 2 I'm getting mostly golds/silvers for whole levels, and lots of plats and pure plats for verses. What a great series! Might play both again


Kirby done! Loved it! 81% but I think I'll go for 100. Halfway though my first ever run of SW: Dark Forces, and so far it's my new favorite "Doom" era shooter. Also just got to the birdcage camper in RE7. Loving it so far. + Bayonetta 1+2 on Switch time!


I've had Bloodborne installed in my PS4 for almost a week now and I've had the restraint not to start it... Is this a new Dangus? Might I actually finish the other 3 games I started first? More as it develops.


I just finished up another run of Shovel Knight's campaign, and then went into Plague Knight because I've only done it once and OMG is it so much better than I remember! I love how much depth there is to his upgrades. Seriously though King of Cards NOW!!!


31818 upvotes... on 3/18/18... muh birfd... dafuq? I didn't plan this.


This is good birthday news: apparently a Killer 7 (and Flower, Sun, and Rain) remaster are on their way!


Sure you can celebrate Dtoid's recent birthday, but the main event is here: Dangus Taargus, one step closer to 69 years old.


Does anyone here own the Bloodborne: Complete Edition on their PS4 digitally? Does it show up listed as the complete edition? Or is it just Bloodborne? I want that version if it's different, but it's currently cheaper to get it as standalone plus DLC.


Just got a 128gb SD card for my Switch so I can finally break free of the internal memory. Should I get Kirby, Bayonetta 1, which I've already played but wanted to play again, or Bayonetta 2, which I started on Wii U but never finished? I can't decide!!!


Gravity Rush 2 already feels a little better than 1. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes (just finished the 'forbidden land' trials). That WipEout Omega Collection teases me each time I boot up my PS4... must maintain focus.


Back on a little Anti-grav racing kick since the WipEout Omega Collection was on sale. Playing through the older WipEout games... maybe in lore order?!?!


Gravity Rush is probably the best smashing into a lamppost simulator I've ever played. Seriously though, I'm on chapter 10 of the first game and I really love it, despite its issues: camera, combat, spazy flight (during combat). Can't wait to start 2.


It's been about a month since I got a PS4 Pro and I've already finished: Uncharted 1,2,3,4,TLL, The Last Guardian, SoTC Remake, and am halfway through Gravity Rush and Tearaway. I have the Wipeout collection and TLOU Remastered to replay. Loving my PS4!


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