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Can the entire game just be this?


Why are people with the sweatiest hands always the most eager to shake yours?


I wish I was like this coffee.


This is the deadest enemy yet.


Watched the first episode of Disenchantment, and so far it feels like the closest thing I'll ever get to an Oglaf show. I wasn't expecting to like it this much.


I can't believe they made Kratos' rage thingy even better!


Zeus is dead. He was nothing compared to that damn chain.


I'm starting to suspect that most people didn't finish God of War 3...


I want to finish God of War 3 before I begin Dad of War, but that means I have to beat that hard part with the spiky box...


Rage 2 looks alright, and I'd probably be interested in it if Doom Eternal didn't exist.


Everyone go do the Destructoid Ultimate Video Game Squat Challenge. I wanna see some firm asses by the end of the month!


Lei Wulong! I knew they wouldn't let me down! *deletes angry email*


If you got 9 minutes to spend, I wrote a blog about some of the little things video games do that make them more fun to me. Read? :)


Toy Factor

One thing from the 90s that we no longer see on the back of video game boxes - something that I can't help but miss because of how endearing it was - is a feature list of moves a character can do. I bet most of you have noticed it at ...


I'm sorry if I was ever disrespectful or made it personal, just please stop haunting me!


I got this Lego container ship (unopened) that I've long been planning to sell. It apparently went out of production years ago, yet now I'm seeing people offering them for less than retail price. Way to RUIN EVERYTHING!


Life is full of disappointment and it's good for them to learn that early.


That's what you get for Brexit you cheeky gits!


Rest In fucking Pieces, Netflix! You just got #BlockBusted This is what happens when you play with the big boys!


Video game locations I'd actually like to visit???

You're up late watching E3. The next big company has just started the next big conference. You see the stage. The lights dim, as the camera switches to what's about to appear on the screen. A few seconds of darkness. What you're then ...


Oh man, I couldn't afford a place like this.


They were no match for my seductive dance.


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