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Crushed it!


Just started season 4 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and I'm loving how far this storyline has gone. They keep it really funny too.


A Hat in Time's fourth level is fantastic! I'm so glad I picked this game up.


Stealth games are neat.


Apparently I need a Ubisoft account to play Steep. That is soul-crushingly lame.


I feel my strength returning. This sickness has lasted way longer than it had any right to.


A Series of Unfortunate Events turned out to be a huge letdown. Easily the most boring show that I've watched in its entirety, all because I was hoping the ending would go somewhere interesting.


A Hat in Time was just the game I needed while being sick. It's like very well made comfort food.


Make me stop being sick.


Didn't stand a chance against my slick five-hitter!


Merry Mas to all of you! Hope you make it through the feast. I haven't eaten anything today so I can literally lose my humanity tonight. Most wonderful time of the year indeed!


♪ It's beginning to smell a lot like anus ♪ Everywhere you goooo ♪


Went with Sonic Mania. Enjoying it so far.


Should I get Sonic Mania or Worms W.M.D?


If I gave my grandparents tacky sweaters as presents, would that be a hilarious subversion of a Christmas cliché?


I'm glad they put in a mission specifically for me.


DanGotY 2018

Before I begin, I'd just like to point fingers and laugh at everyone here with a username that can't naturally fit into a GotY pun. What a grotesque lack of foresight on your part. It's embarrasing really. Furthermore, I would just li...


A few minutes into Hitman 2's final level, and it's already nuts! The game is turning into BioShock.


I like pressing buttons and making things happen on my TV screen, so apparently I'm the target audience for a vape PSA.


Now, for fish cake, you'll definitely want to use a silenced pistol. ICA brand comes recommended here, but any kind will get the job done.


The Mumbai mission in Hitman 2 was really good. Game keeps surprising me with all its little new ideas.


I drowned Sean Bean in the crapper, and then shot him in the face to make extra sure he was dead.


Upstairs neighbours are blasting Nickelback. I should leave.


Day one.


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