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Harry Potter and the FaceApp


Harry Potter and the FaceApp


Harry Potter and the FaceApp


Taking a break from Hollow Knight. Getting kinda bored and frustrated with it because of the long walks I have to take back to each boss. Really takes the momentum out of it all.


The actual face I make when I win an argument on the internet.


'''Parallel dimension comment sections rule!!!'''


What the hell is this off-brand crap? You can't treat your troops like this!


Finally got the elusive target with a shuriken! I want it to be my signature move for these, but I usually fail to pull it off.


About to get the jump on this fucker! Won't even see me coming, it'll be totally sick!


Hey! Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey! Remaining five people that I promised to make things for? I'm making the things! No worries! Important stuff has happened, but I didn't forget. Sorry about the wait.


I'm trying to practice the down slash in Hollow Knight, because <strike>I feel like it might come in handy later on </strike> it looks cool.


Time to devour this!




Beat Wolfenstein: The New Order. That was super tough, but at least the final boss wasn't as insane as I initially thought.


Oh wow they sneakily raised the goal from 2000$ to 3000$, WHAT A SCAM!!!


Only 7 more fave game lists to go. I really underestimated the demand for these, but I'll make sure to get them all done.


Ubisoft finally deleted my account!


This is the kind of tactical ambush you never learned about in history class.


Maybe this will get through to the fucking orangutans at Ubisoft Support.


This is magical.


Hotdog vs sandwich is whatever, but soup is NOT worthy of being associated with the magical world of cereal. Soup is warm, salty misery water AT BEST. It's a soul-crushing imitation of real food. #TeamFuckSoup


Damn it Photoshop, why won't you open? I got shit to do!


Looks even better than Mulan 2.


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