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My oregano plant is dying despite my best efforts to keep it alive. It got plenty of sunlight and plenty of water too, the ungrateful bastard!


Constipation metaphor.


The leaks just keep coming!


White chocolate is dumb.


I've never been a huge Stinkleberry fan, but the first level of Stinkleberry 3 makes my nipples sing with joy!


I have no idea to this day what that cowboy was screaming about. Truth is, I don't want to know.


If you one-shot a tough boss in Bloodborne, but had an npc help you do it, does the tree that falls in the woods make a sound?


Buying God of W4r would be economically irresponsible for me right now. I want to do it though...


I am every kind of ready for How to Train Your Dragon 3. Give it to me!


At the end of the last year, I was writing a joke blog about games to look forward to in 2018. I quickly got tired of the idea and deleted it, so here's all that's left:


Forbidden Woods has been my favourite Bloodborne area by far, boss included. I haven't beaten the game yet, but I don't think anything will top that for me. Would be pretty incredible if I'm wrong though.


I wrote a blonk about how nice it is to live in an era where you can easily share goofy crap from your video games with anybody. Go read it! I mean, if you want to...


Partage entre amis?

It's been a real weird thing we've got going here since 2006. Sites like Destructoid are pretty much just unorganized book clubs for video games. One with members casually dropping by and participating at their own pace, where the dis...


Ready to witness some history!?


Did Angie turn into an Emoji and fly off to live on Planet Emoji?


I feel like Hitman did the opposite to Colorado of what Lord of the Rings did to New Zealand.


Bald spots always look weirder when the dude has long hair. It's like an egg yolk.


Some nuanced thoughts on Bloodborne

Have you ever jumped into doing something so wildly unlike you, it feels like it might change your life forever? Yeah, me neither. But this month, March of 2018, I decided to take a couple baby steps out of my video game comfort zone....


Happy 12th birthday you old bastard!


I'm glad that I've finally gotten to enjoy Bloodborne, which is pretty monumental for me considering the type of game it is. Feels way more rewarding now.


Is Bloodborne supposed to be a game about getting stuck on random crap all the time? Because that's how it's been for me so far.


There's a dog in the building that won't shut up. It's a real high pitch too, probably a damn chihuahua.


I always did perform better under pressure.


"Oh no, I just made my last payment."


I hate washing my dishes, but you don't see me streaming that shit.


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