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I'm replaying Sonic the Hedgehog 2 right now on 3DS to shake the rust off for Sonic Mania, these guys are the stuff of nightmares.


"In 2016, General Mills announced a campaign called "Smugglaroos", which encourages Canadians traveling to the United States to bring the snack to Americans who want it." Hit me up, I'll be your supplier. Chocolate only though, no vanilla trash.

FP: 8===D

Ye old video game oddities - issue #2

Back in the original issue we looked at EGM letters, old Usenet posts, and bold 4chan predictions for Nintendo's Wii U. In this month's issue (that's right folks, it's going monthly!) we're gonna take a look at how Christmas was ruined for ...   read


tfw you kill a franchise and possibly an entire genre


I recorded a podcast with my fellow channel boyz for anyone interested! We talk about Atari speaker hats, digital influencing, a Sonic burlesque show, and more! With that out of the way I'm gonna double down now on my next written project for right here.


Timbaland is still my boy, #MusicToid|Timbaland - The Way I Are ft. Keri Hilson, D.O.E., Sebastian I used to spend hours playing Beaterator making random beats and loops and export them for old video use.


A good watch if you wanna just feel angry about the Emoji movie some more.


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Dan Roemer unironically likes pop-punk, collects old gaming magazines, and writes about video games. He's been enjoying and dabbling in Destructoid content since 2014.

His life goals are pretty damn simple as of late: Have a complete Offspring vinyl and CD collection, film a documentary, work in games journalism as a full time career, and live in SF eventually. (Maybe not that simple).

He also makes video reviews and other videos in general with friends about video games as a side hobby, check out the Infinite Backlog YouTube channel for these said things:

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