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This new movie news has me wanting to play the SNES Spawn game again.


Actual PM just received.


I don't even have Spla2n, but gross ass ketchup is for little toddlers with no taste.


I'm very drunk. Suggest things for me to jerk off to.


I was expecting other Dtoiders wearing wifebeaters in displays of rabid masculinity. Somehow I'm both disappointed and impressed with how it turned out.


The Government Reviews: Splatterhouse 2

[All games are made for children, and most are invented by Satanic evildoers hellbent on the corruption and destruction of our youth. That's why the government is here to decide what is appropriate for your child and what will turn him...


If you're an animal, and you're in public wearing a shirt and socks, but no pants, then you need to go to fucking prison.


That trailer trash feeling when you realize you look surprisingly good in a wife beater.

 from  our Community Blogs

When you think you made a connection, only to find out that the coolest boy in school doesn't even know you exist.


Is pedophile a restricted word, now? That's silly.


What's a picture that perfectly captures sex, childhood corruption, and video games for you guys?


Does referring to a hotdog as a sandwich heighten or lower the hotdog's esteem?


Just finished the Castlevania season, and holy shit was that one massive disappointment.


#CommunityShoutOut to Spiders For Sale. I hear he has two dicks that can wrap around each other to form an omega dick.


I'm not even sure I understand what memes are, anymore.


#Americatoid Let's remind our Canadian overlords on this the most important (except for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, MLK Day, and probably Halloween) of American holidays just who they're fucking with.


Found the most meaningful one.


I wasn't sold on this inspirobot bullshit, but then--


A coworker just told me she eats day old tacos, and I'm like any sandwich is bound to get way too soggy to enjoy eating after sitting around for a day.


Copyright Infringement and YOU!

NOTE: Most of everything in here relates specifically to US copyright laws. I'm also not a lawyer. Also, I'm maybe not even a human being. People love to talk about what is and isn't copyright infringement on the internet. With little ...


When going camping, don't forget to bring a sandwich.


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