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Tried my hand at fixing another cassette player and succeeded! Say hello to the Toshiba KT-S3 from 1983. Love the full cassette window on this one. What better way to break it in than with Prince's 1989 Batman album? Now that's old school cool.


Did anyone else see that Dinosaur Planet just got leaked? Seems to be the latest build before it was transferred to Gamecube, as it still has Starfox elements. Thought they didn't add them until after it was brought to Gamecube. Can't wait to play it.


Managed to get this guy up and running again. Couldn't get the belt tensioner back in, but there's no need to worry about wearing out the belt when the replacement I put in is 3 times thicker. Sounds pretty fantastic. The sound is powerful as hell too.


Some more great Japanese imports arrived. Hi-Fi Set - The Diary, Stardust Revue - Thank You, and EPO - Vitamin E.P.O.. Can't wait to give these a listen. All fantastic albums if you love citypop. Got a big discount by getting E.P.O without the jacket.


Rate my Gamecube collection from Not So Good to Jammin'.


Pulling this guy off the shelf and giving it another go. Started it years ago and didn't really know what I was doing the first time around. Gonna finish it this time. Kinda hope I'm stupid and this gets a Switch Definitive Edition announced soon.


Lookie what I got for $10! :D


Wrestling Empire released for Nintendo Switch today. If you love wrestling games like I do you gotta try it out. Best of all it has a free demo. Finally a portable wrestling game on Switch (let's pretend WWE 2K18 never happened, okay?)


I'd never heard of New Order before fishing my dad's old records out of the closet so I know I'm late to the party, but Brotherhood is stellar. I listened to both sides from start to finish and loved it. Also have B.L.T. and The Perfect Kiss 12" singles.


Some Japanese albums finally arrived from a friend in Yokohama. Love Haruko Kuwana and Junko Ohashi, so I'm pretty stoked about that. The Mariya Takeuchi compilation album is great too. These guys are gonna be doing a lot of spinning in the future!


My Christmas haul was a new turntable and some Sony XM3s. Listening to Yes with the slimes. Hope you all have a great Christmas too!


My Christmas present from my older brother: Uttachi, an obscure Japan only Pop'n Music spinoff title for DS. I'm about to waste a lot of time mastering a 10 year old rhytmn game.


Didn't play my Switch nearly as much as last year, but I definitely played quite a bit. More of my stats in the comments.


My older brother got one of those Astro City Mini things. It's actually really cool and surprisingly well built. Also why hasn't Golden Ax: Revenge of Death Adder been re-released before? I played it in arcades as a kid and it's still amazing.


Weird how not one review has bothered to point out that Cyberpunk 2077 is basically just a new Deus Ex. Similar themes, gameplay, characters, etc. Just as many bugs and glitches too. The sooner people realize this, the happier they will be.


Never thought I'd be this hyped for a port of a 2010 DS game, but here we are. Can't wait for this to unlock later today. I've been waiting years for the right time to play this and finally the time has come. Time for some Fushigi no Dungeon!


Found my mother's old Walkman F45. Despite being in a dank basement for decades it works perfectly. Listening to Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits on cassette will always be a thing of beauty.


When you find an old IBM laptop, there's only one thing to do! Make Fallout references!


Stuffed an entire textbook's worth of Japanese back into my brain over the course of one week and my brain feels burnt. Think we're gonna take a night off and watch some UFC 253. Hope everyone else has a great Saturday night!


Gotten back into my Japanese studies and really enjoying it. Studied it throughout college and this pandemic is the perfect time to focus on improving it even further. If I could get my N2 by the end of next year that would be raaaaad.


During quarantine my computer has turned into a rhytmn game machine and I am okay with this.


I've been breaking out the DK Bongos again and playing Donkey Konga 1, 2, 3, Jungle Beat, and even the Taiko Drum Master game for Switch. I'd fogotten how fun playing with this controller is. A shame they're essentially a relic of the past now.


My older brother got a Razer Kishi for Xbox Game Pass streaming and let me try it out with my Samsung Galaxy S10. It's a gamechanger. Controls are responsive and it's far more convenient and comfy than expected. Gonna have to grab one for myself.


Just got to play the Kickstarter backer exclusive alpha demo for Prodeus. Woah. Probably the best Doom inspired shooter I've played in years. Looks great, sounds great and it's pure chaos to play. Seriously can't wait for the full game to release.


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