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I want to thank everyone who contributed to helping me recieve my free lunch from Wes. A special shout out to dephoenix and Rudorlf especially. Know that with every bite I'll be reminded of the trust all of you have put in me. This is OUR victory, Dtoid.


As I seem to have inadvertently walked into the middle of a coup d'état with myself seemingly at the helm, you may want to know more about this "D-Volt" character that's being posted about. Or not. Either way, this post is now an AMA. Ask away Dtoid!


For my 100th quickpost, I have a simple request to make: SOMEONE FOLLOW ME! I need one more follower to increase my faps from 9 to 10. I'm tired of being stuck with just below 10 faps! Someone! Anyone! Deliver me from this hell!


We're being invaded by the Swedish! We all knew this was only a matter of time my fellow Dtoiders! To arms!


What is with the online in MHW? You have to go through menus to see who's in a session with you, and you'll never see anyone around in the hub. You can at the Gathering Hall, but since you can accept/start quests anywhere, no one ever goes there. #ItsJoke


My copy of Monster Hunter World has been delivered to my college mail center, but they won't send me the email to come pick it up. Why have they been holding my package hostage for over 2 hours? Amazon's already told me they have it!


About to play Darkest Dungeon for the very first time on Switch. I'm a big rougelike fan, but don't really know what to expect. Time to descend into madness.


It'll be added to the Dtoid Contact List soon, but for anyone who wants to hunt down some beasties together once Monster Hunter: World drops, my PSN name is D-Voltt (note the two "T"s). I'm having difficulty containing my excitement. Only 1 week to go!


Me upon learning the C-Blogs are fixed and I can finally read/write blogs comfortably again:


Found two bookmarks I made for myself back in 11th grade using paper and tape. Surprised they're still in such good shape. Guess I'll have to use them again.


I don't understand people who hate the voice acting in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I love how the accents give a unique feeling to the fantasy setting and how the localization team made sure the script included plentiful expressions that fit those accents.


Time for a late night snack! Locally prepared peppers done Italian style, parmesan cheese and spaghetti sauce all on Italian bread and broiled to a golden brown. Sometimes life is about the simple pleasures. #Foodtoid


Gravity Rush 2's online shutdown has been delayed from the 18th of this month until July. That's welcome news, since I'm not sure I would've been on track to collect all 6000 Dusty Tokens by then. I'm as happy as Kat with a stick of meat!


Found my old PS1 steering wheel and decided to take it for a test drive to see if it still worked. It's a real blast playing Ridge Racer Type 4 with analog steering wheel controls. Certainly makes Gran Turismo 2 feel even more simulation-like as well.


tfw finally playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Pro Controller:


Bought a pre-owned copy of Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse from Gamestop and it came with the pin set from the original printing run! Can't say I'm used to pleasant surprises. Maybe 2018's going to be a different kind of year after all!


I was out there lookin' like a damn snack, but you were on a diet. :(


Bought Tiny Metal for $12 from the Mexican eShop. I have to say, while certainly flawed, it's a decent Advance Wars style game, which is nice to have on Switch. It's not worth $25 by a long shot, but for 233.99 Mexican Pesos ($11.89), it's good fun.


tfw you find out your uncle dubbed the main character in a 90s hentai OVA and you're 3 out of 4 episodes in. Somebody stop me. (No, I'm not kidding. Why would I kid about something so specific?)


Riptide GP: Renegade is on sale for $5 on Nintendo Switch. Couldn't recommend it more. Huge racing campaign mode with Wave Race/Hydro Thunder style gameplay. The whole package oozes quality. Best $5 I've spent in months.


They repealed net neutrality on my birthday. At least I got to 22 without heavily restricted internet. Guess I just gotta make the best of things. Not the birthday present I wanted though.


My a capella group did Secret Santa (as we do every year) and this year I got these. Now my backpack is decorated with the proof that I am a Pokémon Master.


Oh, my questionable health notwithstanding, I recieved this deal from Paypal today. Anyone have any suggestions of good $20-$30 games to use it on? I have both 3DS and Switch, so either works for me.


So I went to the hospital after a sharp pain in my left shoulder and numbness all down my left side. Nurse said my bloodwork came out fine and it was just a possible side effect of my new meds that would stop if I kept using it. Yes, veeeery reassuring.


Get put on anti-depressants so I can finally focus on my schoolwork again. Anti-depressants cause mild to severe headaches so I can't focus on my schoolwork. Hahahahahahaha, when will God wipe away this fallen world? :D


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