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Haven't been following E3, but I DID finally finish Disco Elysium last night. Man, it REALLY sticks the landing at the end. One of the greatest, most memorable storytelling experiences I've had in some time - especially in a game.


Does anyone have experience with MTG Arena? I'd like to get into an online card game and am deciding between it and LoR. I miss MTG and my friends don't really get into it at the level I would, but I'm not sure how Arena holds up to LoR as an app/game.


Just heard about the upcoming FFXIV jobs....... Reaper........... Literally made for me............. I will achieve MAXIMUM EDGE


You know what rules? The John Wick movies. Goddamn do the John Wick movies fucking rule. Finally watched Chapter 3. Just the kind of stupid, nonsensical, hilariously over the top bullshit that I need in my life.


Always bummed me out that the non-XL N3DS was never big in the states. Would've been so fun to collect cover plates before they went second-hand, or to even just have options. I love the 20th anniversary Pokemon one, but always wish it was black.


Thanks for all the D&D tips, everyone! I was gonna reply to everyone last night, but then someone backed into my parked car and I ended the night a bit pissy. Thankfully the damage isn't extensive but got enough on my plate as is. Still, thank you!


So my friend is getting ready to start a D&D campaign for our friend group, and most of us have never played before (he's experienced though). I know some folks here play, any advice for making, playing, and enjoying a character for the first time?


I fucking love Makoto mimicking my "AAAAH IT'S JUST LIKE SOTENBORI AAAHHHH" moment


Had sushi for lunch and now I'm Too Tired To Work. That's all, carry on.


"So many failures. It's astonishing."


Much manga was delivered to me this day, due to a sheet lack of respect for my already hefty stack of unread manga.


Minor rant but like every other time I boot up Persona 5 Strikers it loads on a random monitor. Same with HZD. I am just begging these games to use my main monitor and not go nutso DAMMIT.


I only ever really played Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and some Advance Wars on my GBA back in the day, and I wanna try the good shit I missed since I got my 3DS set up for it. Any recommendations? I do have the Ambassador games.


Finally went and installed some homebrew shit on my 3DS, gonna hit an Emerald Nuzlocke. Man, I wish Nintendo had offered GBA games outside of the ambassador program.


These desserty beers turn out to be perfect for day drinking on a warm Sunday afternoon. Cheers, dtoid. #cheerstoid even


Clearing improbable red checks in Disco Elysium like nobody's fuckin business. Adrenaline pumping like I just fucked up Sword Saint.


I, too, listen to what could arbitrarily be called metal. This is probably one of the coolest live performances I've seen. I mean, not this specific video, but in general. You know. #ArbitraryMetalTuesda


Monster Hunter teasing me with that useless muscle definition slider. Only affects the face? What the fuck, bro


So I ordered the Bloodborne board game online from this game shop in Alabama and there was a handwritten note with it and that just makes my DAY


Curious - did anyone else just bounce off Nioh? Dunno what it is, but I dropped the first out of nowhere and thought the sequel would do it for me for some reason, but it just really doesn't. Feels like I SHOULD like it, but alas.


You know when you're trying to make progress on your backlog and also Work, but all you can think about is starting like 12 different Bloodborne builds? I know I'm on the clock right now, but maybe I'll just browse the wikis a little longer...


How are y'all enjoying your Saturdays? Chinese food and fun craft beer for me. Hope everyone has a good night?


Stepping beyond games - Kristin Hayter is an incredible musician and domestic abuse survivor who wields pain and anger like few artists can, in a genre of music with a very real misogyny problem. Not for everyone, but I think she's incredible. #womantoid


Shout out to the true main character of Odyssey. Come on devs, don't be afraid to give us strong women to play as, play with, and admire. #womantoid


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